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Long ago in the vastness of Hungary lived freshwater dinosaurs

Conducting excavations on the territory of Hungary, the researchers found the remains of prehistoric creatures. On the first assume this is what is left of the freshwater of the dinosaurs. Approximately 84 million years ago these monsters lived in areas of Europe. Found this lizard family of mosasaurs, they are a bit like whales, but with the mouth of a crocodile.
The Mezozavr elongated neck and elongated body, this physical Constitution allowed to successfully hunt and chase prey. Previously it was thought that this type of dinosaurs lived only in the ocean, but as it turns out it is not. A new instance of prehistoric fauna dwelt constantly in the water column and not come out on the surface and when. The fact that a single species branches lived in seawater and freshwater he only says in favor of the adaptability of the animal. A set of bones of a new animal laid down in the box and the beast which they belonged called Pannoniasaurus. Interesting fact of the discovery of the skeleton found at great depth in the thickness of the coal deposits. The mine is located in the West of the country.
In the mine found very many fragmented parts of skeletons mosasaurs, the analysis of all the material suggests that even freshwater branch mosasaurs divided into subspecies. The found pattern has a length of 4 meters, near found just a cub, he had a length of the order of a meter. In our days these successful finds very little, and in the case when both female and cub found near a very rare event in paleontology. Having adult and calves can be more successfully analyze the findings.
84 million years ago the Earth was the Upper Cretaceous period, but the whole of Europe at that time probably was covered with fresh water, in which were also inhabited by lizards type mosasaurs. In addition, there were a lot of water resources, it was also very warm. That same before lived mosasaurs? They lived only in water or crawled into the sun warm up? Science give the exact answer not.
Most likely introductory expanses already 84 million years ago were home to mosasaurs, there was inhabited by crocodiles and turtles. Pannoniasaurus very large predator and probably enemies adult was little.
Record made 2013-11-01

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Do you believe that life on Earth originated from space Do you believe that life on Earth originated from space Scientists are studying the emergence of life on the planet is not the first century and as it turns out, each time more and more interesting things can be found. Panspermia is not fiction, but more than reality, more and more scholars inclined to the idea of the origin of life on earth exactly in this cosmic way. Recently, even American scientists From the research center of Ames NASA have revealed a new fact confirming this hypothesis. The probability that life came to Earth from deep space on an asteroid is very high. If life itself to us on the planet was not able to fly in a li...

On December 22  2018  the Earth was lucky  but will it be lucky next time  Flew past the asteroid 2003 SD220 On December 22 2018 the Earth was lucky but will it be lucky next time Flew past the asteroid 2003 SD220 Past the Earth while at a respectful distance fly asteroids, they fly quite a lot and they are sometimes very large, but while they fly past we live and sleep peacefully, but when they collide with the Earth it will probably be the last thing that humanity will see. Recently, astronomers in the near space found the asteroid 2003 SD220, it flew so close that it was even able to probe the radar and there are even unique images in the network. With the help of radar it was possible to consider even the configuration of the object, its spin of rotation and it was already possible to mor...

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