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When were involved first stone tools

Taking into account the accumulated experience in the study of primitive man and the opportunities they use all kinds of tools in everyday life, it is surprising conclusion. It turns out with the big share of probability that such here as in figure instruments used people long before the period considered at this time. According to the scientists who study the habits of a chimpanzee, it follows that this kind of mammals quite often in my daily life uses all sorts of stones of a stick (improvised instrument). Only chimpanzees to take up arms to banish not a welcome visitor. This can be a stone and a stick, in General, anything under the arm, because the hand is developed and can take anything. This is not a hoof or fins.
It is believed that the era of Australopithecus became man to make stone tools. Made out of solid rock and something akin to the bit and they already from softer stone produced axes and all sorts of utensils for hunting.
Over time, couples finds growing and scientists caught in the earth is all new and new artifacts that indicate that mankind has enjoyed stone tools already at least 1.5 million years ago. As scientists believe human ancestor, Homo Erectus could long ago to use all kinds of stone weapons, he walked on two legs and was not as stupid as many think. If the scientists are right on the Dating guns made by humans, Homo Erectus may have already existed in the advanced stage at least millions of years ago. After a little wiser became the level became Homo Erectus not than other, as Homo Sapiens (Homo sapiens). So that goes that a man of understanding is not invented himself handle stones, a skill he inherited from his ancestor. What can you say about the brains of those who did so not a clever tools of silicon? Silicon is a very durable material and chop off the cunning way beyond the power even of those who are trying to try in these conditions create some semblance of such an artifact, as in the photo. Goes ancient people were not fools, and quite clever and we about their life is probably almost anythingt really know, but build up its claims on the basis of those findings, which confirm the hypothesis of our academics. Here they are right or not it has actually been educated people is under the big question.
There is a term technology Acheulian hand, so-called technology, which allowed for the human to the lands of the African continent in the period of 1.4 million years ago to create more complex, sophisticated stone tools. Probably later man, Homo Erectus immigrated further North, and inherited the ability to make tools for everyday life. In addition there is still kind of technology of processing of stone and it is called Oldovansk tehnology, she at this time is considered the most ancient. It was up to the present time, given the new evidence it turns out that it older technology. It was used at the dawn of the settlement of Homo Erectus. But theres one little BUTif one technology transformed into another, that is, whether interim certificate, related equipment. It turns out that something similar had already found and lost fragment in the evolution soon repaired. Evidence of this transition, the technology that is in Kenya near lake Turkana. Here they found Turkansk young man, this creature lived on planet Earth 1.5 million years ago. In the same layers and scientists have found unique tools. Continuing the open Parking place scientists began to study the cultural layer which at least 1.9 million years, and this was not any guns except the human remains of our ancestor.. Finding in one district in different layers guns made using different technologies, scientists made a conclusion that one production technology of stone tools replaced the other gradually. The first attempts to apply our ancestors stone tools can be dated to a period of 1.76 million years ago, and not as previously, scientists believed (100-200 years).
Record made 2013-11-01

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