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Dragons in the Chinese epic

What niche in the history of China occupy dragons? On level honor dragons in Chinese epic are on third place, higher only the Sky and Land. Not can know what dragon in reality and was whether he at all, but portray dancers hundreds of different ways. Apparently, if such a creature and happened in China, it had a lot of varieties.
Now the Chinese revere 4 species of dragons. The first is considered to be a heavenly guard, a dragon who guards the Kingdom of the heavenly gods. The second dragon sends on land wind and rains. Nutriteam spot where the dragon Lands, he sends wind and rain monitors the rivers and lakes. And the most important of all is the sky dragon.
So in the burial of Tang, archaeology in addition to found jewelry and sculptures found many paintings that depicted Chinese women with makeup on their faces and bizarre scallops that were made in the form of a dragons beak.
Along with dragons, which represent enlightenment in China, the Phoenix bird is also revered. This bird is always drawn on the coats of arms of Chinese nobles. Its amazing, its kind of a mythical bird. Her throat swallows, the bill is original, what looks like a cock. Neck at all as have boa constrictor. The feathers as it is, but from the side, on the back of a turtle shell, and the tail resembles a fish. This is probably a collective image of all that was and what was to be seen in nature, everything is fit to the image of the same bird and called her the Phoenix.
By coloring the Phoenix Bird was different, it is depicted in white plumage and red and even yellow and black. In each case, the Phoenix symbolizes one thing. This is either knowledge of any rites. Or the ability to store loyalty, or duty and honor, perhaps even the ability to behave decently in society.
On this time influence birds Phoenix on society a bit weakened, but in a dragon the Chinese still believe and even idolize this winged monster.
Dragons apparently lived not only in China and were revered in ancient times only there. In the mountainous state of Nepal and Bhutan in General, the cult of the dragon is a serious belief. There is a yellow dragon on the Royal coat of arms and banner of Bhutan.
There is even some belief that dragons in these places in the foothills of the Himalayas lived even in the last century. Then it happened that the forests began to burn and everywhere began to find carcasses of burned dragons. They were even photographed and the king had a large collection of such photos, but at some stage the king ordered to destroy all photos and all evidence that dragons in Bhutan lived in the near past. So, that as me seems if the Chinese believe in existence dancers, then means on the there is good reasons. Some archaeologists believe that the last dragon was killed in Europe in the 15th century, before this creature even in the vastness of Europe and even in England lived. Recently in one of counties Britain found on conceals in 2 dam slice of thick skin on which was clearly engraved dvukhlapyy dragon. Scientists believe that at such a depth such an artifact should not lie, most likely it got into these layers 150 years ago, when a sewer was built in these places. The soil was shoveled and removed apparently from the lower layers. These are the miracles. In Russia, dragons as such are not often mentioned, apparently these animals were warm-blooded and loved the warm climate. But sometimes apparently Snakes Gorynych and in Russians land visited, otherwise as would he in stories the fell:))

Dragons in Chinese culture

Record made 2019-11-07

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