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Do people in China believe in the afterlife

China as an ordinary state has its own unique history. In this country there are no exceptions to the rules, once in the distant past and even today, part of the population believed and believes in the afterlife, a life without worries in the realm of peace. Many believe in the existence of good and evil spirits. At this time, before you bury the man, by all the canons of decency around diligently chase the evil spirits. Before moving down the street with the dead man on the britzka, a preliminary ritual was carried out, the monks passed and splashed everywhere with Holy water. Some are sprinkled, others played drums appease the good spirits. What did faith in the afterlife lead to?
Look at what archaeologists find in the earth in the vastness of mainland China. Mostly this grandiose burial with utensils and servants, with all those that in this life was in need and that in the afterlife should was as least be used in good owner burial. The higher the rank of the deceased, the more loyal people and expensive things buried with him in the burial ground.
The ruling dynasties in the past sacrificed many thousands of captured enemies to the spirits. When very respectable gentlemen were buried, their slaves were sacrificed. Slaves were usually buried alive in the ground.
After the opening of the grave of Mugong Qin in the VII century, 177 people were found buried alive in the burial ground. There were even representatives of noble families. With the ruler buried a lot of gold, silver and precious stones. All this good according to the reprehensible Chinese should serve them faithfully in the afterlife. It was believed that the afterlife is like a continuation of the life that the soul lived in the material body. Here you rich, means and there should be as least not poor. Following the system, the coolest afterlife resident was the deceased Emperor.
To build a Grand grave for the Emperor, it began to build at the very beginning of his reign, the construction sometimes lasted the whole life of the ruler. Perhaps now at least it is clear why the Imperial graves resemble underground mansions or palaces. A strange fate befell the Emperors wife if the Emperor himself died first. She was also buried next to her husband, as in the afterlife the Emperor without a wife well, as he could not live. Men died, and their wives went with them, as was the custom. Emperor Shi Huang, who lived in the III century BC, had many wives and all of them were buried next to the Emperor. But there were exceptions, buried near only those wives who had no children.
Over time, such traditions began to be forgotten and for about a thousand years before our era, the victims have not done at funerals. Instead, clay figures of people, animals and utensils were sent to the burial grounds.
When scientists opened the burial of Tang, hundreds of figures of people and animals were found in the underground corridors. On the walls were even paintings painted on thick well-treated paper.
Drawing on the amulet depicted the guards of the underworld. The tombstone itself was so skillfully made that it fit to be exhibited in the Museum of national architecture. The carving on the stone is simply magnificent.
This burial apparently has long been looted and stolen all the gold, as in addition to a massive sarcophagus and several small silver plates have not found anything. Much was stolen long ago and apparently already again such is rotting in thicker land, but where the in different place.
What was not valued in terms of gold and silver, all this splendor remained untouched. The frescoes even found the image of a huge dragon, which commanded the element of rain.

Beyond The Grave: The Afterlife (Documentary)

Record made 2019-11-07

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