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History one student girl

Somehow in students, I have got on practical person in one whirlled by pi-are agency. On wordses, the work there could open the good prospects.
At first all were tolerably well, and even my job title- manager on медиа-monitoring sounded tempting. This afterwards I have heard that has fallen into full marsh. Such work could rage any employee PKSK and be lucky. But to me such happiness at all does not stik.

The Morning my began with chatters with saleswoman of the newspapers, which prepared me stack of the fresh newspapers and journal, afterwards I dragged this stack in office, unwound on one and sleuth searched for amongst 100 printed sign of the keywords. The Words these consisted of brends of the companies, which concerned with the agency, NAME leaders, brends rival, and else all sort of things.
Afterwards in current whole of was necessary do the press-kliping and send the client.
 You else student   and this for you experience , - was proud of the ma.
Direktorsha sometimes delivered me before institute and on way drew me broad prospects -  Main   you must live its work, know all that occurs in agency, is boilled in this juice. This must become your lifestyle. If we notice the potential, we its grow . I looked at it and was enchanted   she knew how beautifully to speak, was good and have horizma. And I nearly fell into her  faith. Put on the guard only her  too broad smile and jewish surname.

But what horizons to me she did not draw, such work killed in me all daydreams to create. The Plus around were one tigresses  women adult, explosive, mannish. Climb in their kitchen for me was the same, what climb in ball snake.

But I tried, responsible tried to get into group and cook in him, either as ordered the sultan. But every time when I elementary called at to him in cabinet   they, as the best theatres pupils, demonstrated the ulcerous persons, bigwigs noses and contemptible did not turn attention on me. This toppled me with legs, did calm, gray and not observable.

For the second week I already vomited from such work, and me was unbearable lonesome.
The Good sat I near by IT   grow up. He became me hereby other. Together we included the merry music, went on cabinet barefoot, sat in pose lotos before computer, guessed on coffee lees, he carried me juicy dried apricots with datchas, and we ate burgers on curb.

But afterwards something on server has wedged, my brother-backward child not was able copes with trouble. Vernee did not hurry. Zabil on this at friday, came with morning at monday, but guard him  and has not missed. Turned out to be   his  have banished. I have collected his  belongings in box and we have last time sat with him on curb, he smoked the tube of the world, but I kept quiet.

I came home and cried in tube to ma. She me invigorate, you this work if they there all such cruel. But I was strict to itself. I could not simply so surrender. I simply waited the deal   through which I have manifested themselves on all one hundred.

And here is such deal appeared. The Agency organized the large conference, and I have entrusted to lead веб-site   write to news and illuminate whole conference. Bingo! After all that-that, but write I can.
In the same evening I have raised whole archive and beginning to copy all on beautiful creative manners. Beside I trembled the heart, blazed the cheeks, I felt the tide of high power   finally-that, my native condition of the flight. Closer to night I quieted down, having returned home at all could not fall asleep, anticipated next day. I dreamed of that, as daughter of the chief will see on my manuscript, and will suddenly say    Gosh, and as we did not notice such talent!. Or  As long ago I searched for that that will be able to write, and why you kept quiet?!   For this moment I conservatively smile, and translate to the other subjects.

In the morning, the daughter of the chief has caused to itself. Before she lay my unsealled texts, all lineed by red marker.  So write it is impossible, tell  to me   that you had in view of under  best total experience , sounds terribly! All this sounds as bad translation with english. No, you it is impossible write, excuse me .

The Problem was skim.

I went home on foot, the whole beating. Damn it, I always believed in its one power  regardless of circumstance   ability to write. And here   blade on neck - you it is impossible write
And this speaks the leader whirlled agency, treble clef of its deal...
In that day I have solved hide itself as writer. Sowed  in park, has torn its baby composition, in which I promised whole world to become the writer: that zh, see with writing, you, babe, has sorted.

Hereon event from agency I have solved went. Yes, surrendered as rotten frenchman, only spare once not to recall about its collapse.

On my surprise, the daughter of the chief came out of itself. I have said that not to cope with training and work. She puffed: -  But as you thought, when went to here? You realy has not thought that it is necessary will combine? . But she quickly once again fell into itself, has corrected the hairstyle, broadly smiled. And when I left - was an better all    Such making look younger, beautiful and clever   and leaves from us, as sting! But we hope, when will finish training   you are once again joined to our creative family .  Certainly, not question .

When has finished, I have long ago forgotten about her. Has Gone learns further, in London.

Will In that place go on practical person in the centre volunteer at university - an reclamer. With my young chief, Ben, we immediately became friends. He was open to the whole new and entrusted me. With him together we have developed marketing-plan for attraction volunteer with the centre. Pridumali vapour  of the actions, money was not much, and all happened to to do itself   from design booklets, before organization coffee-break. All beside us with he were got as hunky-dory. In that place in marketing plan by separate point was a writing history success about volunteer. When I this offered, I exactly thought that this will do someone.
- An Ithaca, now histories of the success. I am an give to you contacts our successful volunteer, get in touch with them.
- As, I?!
Ben was looked over around
- You see someone else? Like beside me only one reclamer in staff. We shall Begin with Tony, they just work in your department.

I was taken aback. I have covered the awe, has immediately seen the sheets of the manuscripts line cross by red pencil and greater letter over:  You it is impossible write. It is impossible write . No, only not this, Benni, Benni, do not do this with me.

Benni in the interim dictated the contacts, and I their wrote.

The Interview with volunteer passed fascinating. Their histories happened to to collect on the whole London   from City, before suburb. I was even sewn on several schools, had a talk with small children, with which concerned with the volunteers. Whom you want to become when will grow, Manhole?   asked I beside 10-th of the boy, - a Volunteer, answered that.

The Manhole was a son latino-american emigre. What has told his teacher   he little lagged behind on progresses from their own peer, he had a problems with english, and this disturbed him itself to show. After to he has attached our volunteer, and they have begun to read baby product each output, Manhole began sound be corrected. He became more alive, liberated, progressed in training. In such events help volunteer already does not need, but pair became attached to one another, and continued the occupations. Could be the days, when Manhole itself could choose that to read. In these days he brought the comicses with Simpsonami. But this was in past, presently they read quarter the part Harry Pottera.

On dictaphone beside I already was going to the megabytes of the conversations with volunteer and children. But as soon as I thought that all this it is necessary put out on paper, in throat dried up.

In the interim, periods approached. Finally, I was going to. Has Seed in starbax, has decipherred whole this chatter, and certainly has fallen into stupor. I could not write nor one line. I was shown that I do not know english. All that I wrote, was a stupid commonplace, I felt itself soviet emigre, which is fit realy in nannies-house woman worker only.

Has Devastated three american, has eaten the vapour  cake, sow in window, run down in park, has done twenty squats, has bought the gown. And nor one line.

The Following has in the morning taken the heap of the newspapers - Tayms, Gardian, Intependent, Mirror, Telegraph - all without analysis. The Whole day read. Greedily read out headline, lids, wrote off the language turns and designs. Zauchila by heart vapour paragraph. I wanted to dislodge from head of all thoughts, leave only word, word.

In the morning, without any starbax has seed in room and beginning.

The Sensations of the language was strong, and I beginning to write on this background. Has Drawn the image of the Manhole, has told about that that he now dreams to become the volunteer though before this dreamed to become the master a judo. Why   since now he seems this much fun than simply wave the hand.

Has Written the history Dzhulii, which sits high in one of the skyscraper of the financial centre London, but biweekly goes in school to do with its charge. Only he wrests her  from the world finance, and leads away in their own fairy-tale worlds.

And else several such history. Has Written the frameworks, but they already were strong, alive. Remained to sap the language, here and there.

The First history I have sent Ben immediately.

To that moment I was so is devastated that me was dont care, as there he will answer. I simply have well worked in that day, and this was it is enough for happiness.

The next morning a letter was in my box from Ben:  is Class written, I have ed the vapour  of the words, here is reference, wait new .

He has ed whole two words. And has immediately placed on site.

 Here is you , - has thought I about its  daughter of the sultan, suddenly, and winner sit on sofa. Has Recalled her  for a thousand of miles, but having recalled   has sincerely thanked. That then she has not left beside itself, but gave the stone pine, which has been enough on that that I will go further.

And although this complex piece   entwine in web their own awes and secret daydreamings, but on my observations life itself all braid. Only, it is necessary to leave its faith with itself.

Indeed then after collapse, in park, I have not been able hide itself as writer. Honestly tried, but this desire blazed and did not release me. And I have solved to give itself delay. Before the best timeses.
Record made 2013-03-05

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