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I wonder is There life on other planets

Where do aliens live? An interesting question and it is probably something someone has already answered. I dare to assume that on Earth the aliens more than the indigenous population and most interestingly, the latter rapidly supplanted by alien races. Scientists are not looking for aliens in the closet, they think it is to find them not there, but somewhere far away and under this theme have developed a step-by-step strategy.
The first theory is called Theory of Pixel.
This theory implies that we live in the matrix around us and the digital reality. This reality who it really is very very smart has created and successfully monitors. Our life in connection with these it is possible to call the normal game Civilization, in this game every year people are getting smarter and smarter and creates more destructive and more devastating weapons and where it will lead this civilization?
We are getting smarter knowing the world, building and developing new weapon system! Our computer system each year increase the capacity by almost two times. At some stage we will reach a level of virtual reality that we can model the situation as real as our own world. It turns out that the character in the game with any implant in the head will also take the game a reality, we believe the reality of our world. It is simple, just need to find in our heads the same transmitter and the device and disable it permanently, then and only then we will come out in some other reality, maybe just there we live for those whom we are constantly searching for and who is inherently no where on the planet and not fly away or when. The second theory is the Theory of animals. Here all very simply, we think of ourselves as intelligent, but in fact we compared to someone else just bugs, and to communicate that there is no interest. After all, we dont negotiate with cockroaches about leaving their home? We are their poison dichlorvos and not think about the consequences. What is intelligence? This is what is called behavior in various extreme and not very situations. As we are in different situations behave? Why are we acting like this? It is important always to keep everything under control and know everything in advance, if you do not control the situation, it is very often for a small business to lose so much that life has no joy, and the search for other worlds this is not the meaning of life. Mind direct link with the performance of the brain, it works well, but actually uses only 3% of the capacity in order to respond adequately to the manifestation of the world. If we meet someone who have the brain will be the same but it will work at least for 70%, this is just comparable to what you at home in the kitchen greeted on the floor of a cockroach and tries to bring the essence of his requirements. The cockroach you just can not see you and he communicate via a different interface, your interface more informative, and the insect uses only a hundredth part of all that you know and see. How can I make the communication? As you can see the aliens that are a million times more intelligent and advanced beings than man? That is not how? Just writing and coming up with different stories that it is possible to imagine and imagine and what we think the output is not quite what might have been when with us and joined in the conversation somewhere in the vanity of the world.
The third theory is the theory of Theory of Baptist. We may live in different time intervals, that is we have time goes on with such frequency, and have someone with a different and as a result we stone do not believe alive, because he is for the rest of our short life has not changed shape.. This is one example. There are probably civilizations of silicon, there is a biological, energy and possibly even essential, but they are all from Naz separated by some barrier, for which no permission from the upper tier to get hard, although it is possible and there is a transition in extreme situations when something in the world is not someone spelled out earlier scenario.

Where are the aliens actually?

Record made 2017-04-08

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