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Do you believe that Gravitational waves this is not fiction but reality

In order for the head to form some idea of the problem you need to have at least two or three alternative viewpoints to the opening. The first point of view for those who writes and rewrites a dozen times over the millennia, the Bible, that is for the Church theorists. They have everything laid out on the shelves and everything rests in the absolute belief that in the Church hierarchy cannot be questioned and discussed. What about gravity waves may be involved, if God created the Earth and living creatures in just 7 days.. Heres one point of view, accept it or reject it is your personal decision, we go past because it is not our topic.
The second hypothesis in this field belongs to those scientists who do study physics and analyze everything from the perspective of scientific laws and not the laws prescribed for what is yet unsolved event in the Universe. Such scientists are very much and they have explanations for everything that surrounds us very much and everything is laid out on the shelves. About Gravity waves this cohort of scholars is expressed and rightly says that all this is NONSENSE and nothing more. I also believe that this is the most natural nonsense for the sake of the prestigious award. I advise you to listen to the lecture in this direction is very competent physicist Victor Katusic. He has his own channel on YouTube, and there you can on any topic you are interested in to find his comments. To me they are much more possible to understand the world than what in academic science from the pages of leading online publications and media brainwashing. Now you laugh and clap academics from the familiar Academic science, which in fact with this physics as a science apparently friendship is completely absent.
Much more interesting watching an American physics, when something is recorded and I think this is a clear proof of the existence of gravitational waves. Supposedly they were looking for their whole century and found in the acoustic range:)) the News is immediately picked up by all media and acted for television channels and for the waves to receivers. Like the opening.. And the enormity of this discovery gives that it was talked about at the highest levels of the U.S. National science Foundation.
It turns out that every day experimenting with different instruments over the past 15 years, scientists in passerine step closer to opening. Opened, recorded, and created completely new direction in science. And it is possible that I heard the scientists, but maybe not, maybe it was atmospheric interference or something... Yet no one opening not officially denied, all of the pack silent and waiting to see what the main gurus from academia to say.
And they say the following that gravitational waves occur in space and in time while moving huge objects such as black holes (by the way, black holes under the existing laws of physics can not exist, it is another invention of scientists). Thats when a large object moves or explodes, it allegedly spread these same gravity waves in all directions. Some confirmation of the existence of such a process forward circles on the water from falling in the pond of the ball. In the case of gravitational waves that are found by scientists from the US this is not the circles on the water surface, and the disturbance in space along the time axis. Supposedly somewhere in the great distance a binary system of two black holes imploded and the space went gravitational waves and they managed to fix. Here are our fellows, scientists who say so are running the show in our modern science.
The above-described three opinions about the existence of Gravitational waves in nature, now you can turn on your analytical thinking to create for themselves the image of being about this phenomenon. Is he or not, for some gravitational waves is, for others not, and for others, we dont know or what, may God he understands....

Gravitational waves

Record made 2017-02-15

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