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Rest in Ylta

Rest in Ylta
Rest Alupka the most popular resort of the Cream. The Tourism is here opened already at the beginning initially summer and in general last before the end of the October. Not rainy dry summer and warm winter forming criteria of the estimation of the climatic conditions to south extremity Cream. Suitable time for visit the city Alushta velvet season medium September, the second quarter of the October. On minimum heat year months as milk fresh from the sea, hot before +22 degrees, will present you much glad instants. Extolling local of the beauty then on fact for majority of them you duly it is necessary will realize the ascent on eminence. The Ancient hillock Chatyr-Dag, popular spillway Dzhurasik, Valley of the adductions all this in Cream is located in region Alupki. The Lagoons Alushty basically bulk from volcanic sand, there is place from large pebble. Get before YAlty from Simferopolya much simply: unique electric transport line passes from from piron station Simferopolya and goes hereinafter Red Lighthouse. On portal about tourism you find the popular news an good plases in Ylta in daylight-savings time 2013. At vacation time July-September of the expenses on житие бытие in calve can be and fairy-tale high and low, therefore as direction very attractive amongst person staying at a resort, costs beforehand to gain the passes. In change from usual set managers can offer you hotel or campsite in Alupke. The Opinion about time called on in Alushte
1. On length summer we repose around where interesting in Alupke, basically region Big Ylta, but sometimes in Krasnodare and in Odessa, daydreams are realized. From all my trip, there is desire to recall Ylta and Odessa, unique and remarkable holiday to lifes. This year again we go to Alushtu. Originally I there was 12 years with son back, at present daughter already 15, but she in delight, as we have said that have bought the passes in Alupku. Yes, dearly, always so, where that gets the dirt any, but scatter the plastic sooner whole reposing trollops. The Central region - gathering folk and dirty plastic arts, we left usually on санаторские beaches, VWXbe drafty garden, in this place and folk little and rubbish less in principle. The Veins near str only. Shevchenko, min.40-50 went before beach, completely and not gravely, small promenade step before diving seaborne on profit only. Ate in TABLE DEARLY in region of the temple. Tasty, costs orderly, on purse, sometimes a little defrauded on pay-desk, yes all gradually, eat and waiters want.
2. Visitted this summer at July in Alupke. Sooner whole was hot, that else what reason, but resort to me at the beginning initially will not go in subjects. All seemed old and interest to repose did not appear. Necessary to say that inhabitants in Ylta much and not anxious problem. My friend has lost good phone and he has rung and have said where come, чтоб withdrew as master. Removed the hotel for 220 griven. from epidemic deathes far, but number worthy. The Products on the market how do I seem such if compare to Simferopolem. Otmechu that basically fruits from here. The Local bus on the price orderly.
Record made 2013-07-27

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Russians will learn the moon based on the experience of American colleagues half a century ago Russians will learn the moon based on the experience of American colleagues half a century ago As it turned out, in reality, the Americans with their Mission Apollo on the moon that was and now here is a confirmation of this in Russia are planning to use the experience of such a flight for their own purposes. Not far off, its lunar mission starts, and whose is such an experience so to speak superfluous when not. Something similar is described in the new issue of the magazine Manned space flights. This magazine is published in Russia and it is largely described in the true form is not the distant future of Russian space. To the moon to fly it half of business, there also it ...

NASA plans to send a helicopter to Mars NASA plans to send a helicopter to Mars It will take at least a couple of years and go to Mars next mission, it will be composed of the most modern helicopter, but this miracle will be more a kind of addition to a more modern Rover than something new and independent. This time on Mars will look for minerals, maybe its not quite true and in reality this mission will have to look for artifacts of antiquity, but apparently for science, both are considered the same. In an atmosphere in which the gas is many times less and its density is much less still decided to use for mapping the area at close range is not a gondola with ...

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