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How do I communicate in the past

We probably do not think it is true that in the distant past people were stupid and couldnt even properly convey their thoughts long distances. Everything is absolutely not true, as practice shows, people in the middle ages and earlier eras pretty well communicated at relatively large distances.
How do the people know and communicated? Yes, probably used what we have long forgotten and not even considered as a means of communication. You can report to send for example a common postal blue, if not so far to deliver a telegram, you can send the way of the horse and foot messenger. If you are in a siege, I would probably pass within sight of the instrumentality of notes tied to the boom.
Now something similar youth use at all when trying to coax the girl out of the house for a walk. Threw youre probably also not just the window with the stones? So to say also to transfer information at large distances. If people were in the mountains, it was possible by means of whistling to transmit information over large distances.
In the dark bonfires were lit on the highest places that could be seen as far as possible. Knowing that the earth is flat, we can assume that such a fire could wish to consider many hundreds of km away. If you were stranded on a desert island, then communication can be realized through the bottle and the notes in it. You can wait a century, but in any case, the message will reach the addressee.
When what the fates have mankind learned to build ships, planes and trains, the messages began to come more frequently and in a wide variety, and for delivering them answered the whole post office. Even today the post office is open and you can send a postcard and letter, it would be the desire.
When a physicist Popov invented the radio, the news and gossip began to disperse at the speed of light. In doing so, the scientists created the Telegraph, the teletype, and telephone. Further developing this theme we come to such a means of communication, like a normal satellite connection, which is much better than the usual us carrier pigeon.
By the way, there is a very unique means of communication, such as used when Dubrovsky wanted to say something to Mary. He wrote a big note and carried it into the garden and laid in the hollow of a large tree. Masha came when I was walking through the Park and pulling from her love of the message.
So that communication in the form of regular phone which is like the first talking a bell in 1876 was before, phones were not so small, and the principles on which they were based was a little different. But the essence still remains the same as now. Wanted to pass on information and to its transfer to the vehicle. It was different from the carts to the ship, essentially it all does not change.
Recently, scientists in earths thicker found cell phone with cuneiform instead of the usual numbers. This miracle was the work in the distant Sumerian civilization. Apparently what we now use in the distant past as it was in use, but for some yet unknown reason, suddenly it was forgotten for many centuries.
Although if it was during the fall of Troy was such a cell phones, then it would not have bonfires in order to communicate news over long distances. In China in 968, was in everyday communication pipe. Were laid from house to house bamboo pipe and people were negotiating reporting information in a special nozzle on the end of the pipe. Something similar to this being used on ships for communication between the captain and the engine room.
But rope phone from our childhood is probably also a very ancient and very popular when the the invention. A long time ago used the stretched filament and the membrane in order to amplify the oscillations and to bring them in so that it was possible not only to see the thread sways, but what these vibrations mean.

Communication in Ancient Times Lesson

Record made 2017-10-11

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