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Area Preizer in California

Area Preizer - anomalous position, California in Santa Cruz.
The Bermuda triangle. Moving stones in the Valley of death is not those places on Earth, where everything flows and develops a completely different laws in most us not completely known. These places are in people considered to be damned and scientists show a vivid interest. After all, every kind of anomalous zones on the planet is very, very much.
Today we will tell you about an amazing place in the USA, California. Not very far from the town of Santa Cruz is the location of one of the most mysterious places on our planet, a sort of area where the laws of physics do not work and with the force of gravity going on, that something is wrong. It will be about the zone Preizer. A large area is a place called difficult, because it takes only some 10 acres of land, but on an abnormality place is really unique.
There is a place called the Concrete stick, so that is two of the same person on growth if they become the edges of the beam, one is clearly less, and the other is clearly more and if people change places, the same is repeated. The thing is that one end of the concrete stick is located in the place of the anomalous zone Preizer, and another outside.
About this phenomenon, scientists know more since 1940, but for such a long period of time, they could not solve the riddle or something to advance in this direction.
There are in the anomalous zone is one unique place is the house itself from a tree which was built by Preizer being here in the Council. The Lodge is situated on a flat surface, but eventually just becomes curves and even if it equalize, it will not be for long. George Preizer found the anomalous position in another 40 years of the last century and it enjoyed it so much that he decided to build here something like a small gazebo.
Apparently in this place that is going on with the force of gravity, because everything in the house smoothly and angles of 90 degrees, but it actually something else and then another. Balls rolling down the mountain, and the people standing at an angle to the floor and they think that this is normal. Scientists believe that this is standard deviation of the magnetic field of the Earth, and that it distorts the perception of reality.
In General talk about such a marvelous area Preizer can be long and tedious, but in a greater degree to understand what is happening in the Preizer can be acquainted with the video material, which we found in our publication. Successful viewing! And do not worry that life is so amazingly diverse, and the fact that surrounds us practically is not investigated yet.
Record made 2013-11-06

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