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Ipad 3 from Taylanda

Ipad 3 from Taylanda
Ipad Do Not know it is necessary about this speak or no, but sense to lead from Tailanda electronics in Russia simply no. The Good technology there in the same way dearly costs, but such chinese junk and building is enough. The Salary average in Tailande beside one, has finished the university approximately 15 thous. baht that that such average as beside us in Russia in village so does not cost to expect cutting the price minimum on electronics and home appliances.
Visitted in Tailande and specially visited on shop for the reason realize that possible to bring from electronics home and herewith else and earn? Shall Say you honestly, I have not found nor what that was more cheaply, than beside us in Moscow or Saratove.
shall Say such fact, Ipad 3 already in Russia sold in all shop, but in Tailande he appeared where that in month. I was and on North Tailanda and in the south and as it is spoken, than more in city tourist, that price on Ipad 3 more, all depend on region. As not strange, but the most low price on Ipad 3 in capital Tailanda Bangkok and not on the market, but in large supermarket of the electronics. Yes and forgeries here in such shop does not can be, but on market or in small commissary possible to buy not real and added a little more Ipad 3, but chinese rubbish in beautiful box.
In general here you are price on product Apple in Tailande.
Версия IPad 3 only with WiFi:
16 Gb 18000 bat
32 Gb 22000 bat
64 Gb 26000 bat

Версия IPad 3 with WiFi and 4G:
16 Gb 29000 bat
32 Gb 33000 bat
64 Gb 37000 bat

Well as you price shocked? Yes, really in Tailande qualitative electronics costs much, but in the event of with Ipad 3 that here and in general questions fall off. Far lead, yes and tax on home markets high so price occasionly a little even above, than building in Moskve.
In general that if you all dared to buy tablet Ipad 3 in Tailande then although read about it in russian language, for have a belief about its functional particularity and not to fall victim swindler when buying this device in someone else strane.
Record made 2013-03-11

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