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Is it worth looking for gold on the moon

The President of America recently announced to the whole World that America wants to return to the moon and the implementation of the plan will take place in the next five years. 1.6 billion dollars have already been allocated from the budget for the start and implementation of the plans. In addition to the United States to the moon directed their gaze and other countries. Europe is going to build Lunar villages on the surface, China landed on the other side of the moon, Russia is thinking how to overtake everyone in the Lunar race without taking off from the surface of the Earth. Obviously everyone wants to return to the moon, what is there is interesting, since everyone is so eager?
By the way, some of the scientific community is even afraid of zeal for the moon and the planets of the Solar system on the part of mankind. There are even proposals not to develop and not to study all at once, it is necessary to leave some corners untouched. Something akin to the great gold rush is now starting on a cosmic scale. The first technologies for the development of minerals in space are likely to be tested on the moon. The moon will essentially become a testing ground for new technologies.
Scientists have calculated that if humanity each year will consume resources by 3.5% more than last year, it will only take 400 years to all that can be in the aisles of the Solar system humanity dug up. Further space economy within the Solar system will fail, unless of course create ships and can not fly to neighboring star systems. In order not to stay in the Solar system on beans in the future, scientists are now going to the Solar system to create some oases, where to fly Buda is prohibited for the purpose of mining. It will be corners of the wild nature, a kind of reserve for the future.
the Moon is closest to Earth and its resources are more interesting to Earths inhabitants.
The resource base on the moon is quite decent, the Moon is also scientifically a good springboard for flights to other planets. On the moon in craters there is ice, water will be valuable resource on any planet, this and oxygen and watering plants and fuel for missiles. You dont have to carry water to the moon, its there in craters on the border with the dark side of the satellite. This resource on the moon will not resume if to use it all without a trace. There is on the moon many Titan and many useful minerals. If we establish industrial development, the moon in the near future will be a large space quarry.
Resources on the moon is and they are already known to all, but in order to extract from the need for energy. It can be in small proportions to take from the Sun on the moons surface. Solar power plants to build on the moon is also not so easy, technology is almost there, and places for those solar panels that are on the surface of the moon is not much. A day for 200 degree heat, and at night at 200 degrees cold, in such circumstances, modern solar panels cant work effectively. If we consider the option that solar panels still create, they should be placed at the poles in those places where the Sun does not set at all. Such solar stations will supply energy for production almost without interruption.
From a scientific point of view, the Moon is a unique springboard for future missions to observe near-earth space, from the back of the moon it will be easy to study even very distant objects in the radio frequency range. Interference from The earths electronics will not, the Moon as a screen absorbs everything.
everything seems to be with the extraction of minerals is clear, but there is still some uncertainty with the implementation of the theme itself.
It is necessary to consider the case when the same area of the surface of the moon will claim different poles of force. Now we fly into space on a horse-drawn, and anyone can claim any area of the lunar surface just cant. Everything is spelled out in the Treaty on space, but no one will be able in the future to limit the strong desire to break everything. If any power will create a very economical means of delivery to the moon and it will have a monopoly on this topic to own, then it will be easy to stake out a place on the satellite and declare this territory its own, and even in case of claims it will need to defend. Military equipment also goes into space after the technique of mining.
Ideally, everything that is in the near space should belong to humanity, but in fact everything will be clearly not as in Saudi Arabia, everything will belong to large monopolies, and crumbs will fall on the table of the rest of humanity. Lets hope for the good and believe in the good and then civilization will go on the right path.
Everything we discussed above is real in principle, but if we rely on data on the space industry, it turns out that the world space industry is currently estimated at 360 billion dollars and is developing with an increase of 5.6% annually. When the United States predicts that there will be Americans on the moon, the capitalization of the global space industry will reach the sum of 558 billion. If we assume that the growth of this industry will continue with the same indicators for the next 222 years, the sector will rise in price in the end about 22,200 times. This is just a huge industry and most of it will be based on the Earth, and in the near space. Here is the draw prediction for space exploration for the next couple of centuries, in fact, everything can be different.

Mining the Moon

Record made 2019-08-29

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