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What mission Apollo forgot on the surface of the moon

US astronauts being on the moon probably played Golf on the surface of our satellite, except for the bags of garbage found another three ball for the game of Golf. One family photo, some tiny statue and a bunch of different scientific equipment. As for the American flags, there are so many of them that all probably can not count. A dozen astronauts visited the moon between 1969 and 1972.
Found on the moon six seats, each seat that left. A lot of valuable equipment was also abandoned at the landing sites. Apparently the astronauts were guided by the fact that the more they leave on the moon, the more lunar soil will take away with them.
On the surface of the moon except different scientific equipment lying around a lot of almost useless stuff that even the flight should have never taken. Landing sites of American spaceships were studied by scientists at the University of new Mexico and came to the conclusion that apparently many things are part of the personal Luggage of the astronauts themselves. Although if you follow the logic, then space would be what was not stated in the special list. Ground services study space at some stage in the study of landing sites lunar missions decided to explore all the abandoned things and then them accessories to organize. After long calculations 106 objects were found. The largest fragments are lunar modules from which the launch was made in the opposite direction. Along the perimeter of each landing is a lot of special equipment. There are devices for analysis of lunar quakes. As a special reflecting mirror, which were used in the experiment to determine the exact distance to the Ground. There are different large devices that are difficult to classify as visual parameters.
Many items that are on the moon were brought specifically, it is a large American flag, which brought the Apollo 11 mission. Even found a silicone disc on which was engraved the signatures of the leaders of 74 countries. There is on the moon and not much olive branch from gold, she there as symbol of world around the world. All these items at least as it can be explained, but there are instances that are so easy to bring to the moon, if not specifically. One of the astronauts of the Apollo 14 mission brought three Golf balls to the moon. Perhaps astronaut Alan Shepard tried to play this game on the moon in low gravity.
All wanted to leave on the moon that the its, to leave some footprint in history. During the Apollo 16 mission, astronaut Charlie Duke left a signed photo of his family on the surface of the satellite. It will lie there for hundreds of years, because it was Packed in a plastic shell, only the exact hit of a meteorite will be able to destroy the photo.
When the Apollo 11 mission started to Earth, the astronauts threw out from the lunar module all that in their opinion on the way they clearly will not be useful, just threw all the space near the launch pad. To throw out to the max with the vehicle it took them about 8 minutes. On the moon and remained a video camera that broadcast video from the surface of the satellite, during the landing of Armstrong and Aldrin. There are many different instruments left on the moon. Threw even what should to some extent make the flight more comfortable, at that time it was important to fly, not how to fly and in what comfort. On the lunar module flying home there was a lot of lunar soil and all worried that the ship did not overload and God forbid did not start as it is not necessary...

Was the Moon Landing FAKE?

Record made 2019-08-29

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The Spitzer telescope examined protostars in the constellation NGC 2264 The Spitzer telescope examined protostars in the constellation NGC 2264 NASA has a lot of unique photos in its storerooms. it's nice that sometimes something interesting from this warehouse of important and necessary information gets into the network. Just recently, NASA published the latest photos from the SPITZER telescope. The most interesting image probably contains a stellar nursery, in the NGC 2264 nebula. Young stars sparkle in the photo in the Central area of the image. There are these stellar nurseries with bright stars in NGC 2264 Ч a scattered star cluster associated with the nebula, located in the constellation of Unicorn. The object is app...

The space telescope launched on April 18, 2018 discovered the new warm Jupiter TOI-677b The space telescope launched on April 18, 2018 discovered the new warm Jupiter TOI-677b At the time of the program's opening, the Tess telescope's budget cost the Treasury $ 200 million. The money was allocated as part of a Small NASA research program. It was developed by specialists from the laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of technology. As a result of the successful launch, the satellite reached the desired orbital altitude on April 18, 2018. Using such a powerful telescope in their research, astronomers discovered a warm and very large planet. The planet is located very far from the EARTH, it revolves around the star TOI-677, the star is very hot and brig...

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