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Underwater hotel Dubai

Hotel with fish for window
It has become fashionable in the homes of between rooms cut openings and insert water blocks in the form of aquariums. And nice and there is where the best fish to attach. But if it is the East and in the sea, swim same fish in the aquarium, it is enough just to make home a tight, and put it on the bottom of the sea, which in fact did in Dubai.
Arab Emirates have a lot of money on the sale of oil and invest petrodollars in the construction industry, expecting in the future, not bad earnings from such investments.
The next grandiose project this is the hotel that will be partially in surface condition and partially underwater. Build it will be right in the depths of the sea, tourists wishing to relax in an interesting hotel will clearly not enough. The idea of the architects is that the hotel can float and sink to the bottom, all depending on the time of day.

Waste water is not so simple and to the implementation of this project will attract engineers their firms specializing in underwater construction. Discus, so plan to call the new hotel in Dubai. Hotel Discus will have two main parts. The word Discus from the word drive, and two of the new hotel will be performed in the form of discs. One part of the surface, and other submarine. If you wish, guests can go down in the bottom tier and there in the cool atmosphere to observe the life of sea reef, the comfort of their rooms. The underwater part is 21 rooms with views of the sea surface and the reefs. The hotel will be built practically on the reef, so that the fish will be a great multitude. To marine life to be seen in the window, the bottom around the hotel will is lighted with special lights and special systems help to consider even deleted objects of marine fauna.
For those who loves to take baths, just what you need to visit the Elevator and go up to the upper deck. For hikers there are specially equipped staircase. All fairly firm and durable with a large margin of safety. Even the tsunami this hotel a lot of harm not cause. In the coming years in Dubai, probably, something else will build, and is this something not less unique than hotel Discus.
Record made 2013-10-17

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