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Russians will learn the moon based on the experience of American colleagues half a century ago

As it turned out, in reality, the Americans with their Mission Apollo on the moon that was and now here is a confirmation of this in Russia are planning to use the experience of such a flight for their own purposes. Not far off, its lunar mission starts, and whose is such an experience so to speak superfluous when not. Something similar is described in the new issue of the magazine Manned space flights. This magazine is published in Russia and it is largely described in the true form is not the distant future of Russian space.
To the moon to fly it half of business, there also it is necessary to work, and it is work not easy. To move around in a pressurized spacesuit in low gravity conditions that are already problematic. In addition, scientists would like to know more about the lunar dust and how it behaves in low gravity. Although all observations of NASA astronauts and classified, but some of the available open access as can be used in their development of future manned mission to the moon. Using whatever experience NASA, Russian astronauts in the pavilion are trying to master the theory of behavior on the moon. In the development of a list of standard exercises and operations that need to be mastered, so to speak to be fully prepared on the moon before the real situation.
American astronauts flew to the moon and landed on its surface almost blind. Everything was as if calculated, but still not having a lot of weight on the moon astronauts still could not jump high. The suits were not stabilized in weight, they began to fall back, which led to the risk of falling on his back. As a result, we had to jump carefully, so as not to fall and not to damage the suit itself. Astronauts on the surface of the Earth moved in different ways, to some extent, walking was used very rarely, although it was safer to move in the usual step holding the slope forward, as if not to do so, the backpack with oxygen, the suit turned on the back.
The Americans have successfully worked in the 6 missions to the moon, it was all back in 1969-1972, although it took more than half a century, but in space or what has not changed radically. How to fly a jet-powered flying, the suits can be become a little stronger, but still in the same quality. To repeat the feat of the Americans probably can, but is it necessary?
If you believe the us astronauts, they move on the lunar surface was much easier than it was done in special earth simulators. It turns out that we are preparing for one, and as we arrive, we will see everything in a completely different light. Probably it is important to teach and prepare future explorers of the moon to long hikes along the surface of the satellite, with a bunch of devices and equipment in hand and knapsack on his back. Everything will not weigh so much, but in terms of all the same and will remain. Astronauts will need to learn how to move on clones, as probably during the expedition on the moons surface will need to go down to the craters and take samples of the soil. For this kind of training, you need to build a similar ground on the Ground and work out future missions there.
On the moon visited at this time only 12 people all she was there in the framework of the program Apollo. To the moon rocket flew 6 times, although the program was very expensive, but she made a huge breakthrough in space exploration for the United States. Russia in terms of flight to the moon in the form of a manned mission behind the United States for many decades, only in 2031 it is planned to repeat the experience of the Americans and how to get the thread and jump on the lunar surface. In addition to Russia, China, India, Japan, Korea, and of course Europe directed their eyes to the moon.
Record made 2018-05-21

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