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Scientists have established the maximum mass of a neutron star

All or many believe in the existence of black holes, although the laws of physics, in principle, they should not be. Something is clearly there, but science has no idea what it is and thats so entrenched common name called black hole behind the object, which is not something really not known. There are also objects that have a nuclear density according to scientists, but a little bit like what is called the classic black hole.
If this is a real object and it has a nuclear density, then you should probably look for an answer to the question, and what is the largest mass of a neutron star? How much does it really weigh when measured in elephants and parrots? Neutron stars are essentially the most extreme objects, they attract with great force and shoot beams of hard radiation for hundreds of light years.
Scientists have been wondering for a long time about the maximum mass of a neutron star, but so far no one can find out or rather solve the puzzle with great accuracy.
If you believe that there are gravitational waves, then what will be next in your ears pleasure. And if you dont believe me, then go ahead, I personally do not believe, but watching the gossip in the scientific world and look at it through the fingers of scientific skepticism.
So the observation of gravitational waves and the overlaying of their distribution in previously existing models of the Universe, has allowed to assume that the upper limit mass of neutron star should be roughly on the strap of 2.16 times the mass of the Sun. For the first time, something found in the Universe called a neutron star in 1960. Since the discovery of the head of the scientific world around the questionwhat is the maximum mass of a neutron star*. The fact that supposedly they have it already like the fact that they like that the show itself is also not disputed, but what is the real and the maximum weight of this object to say no one can. Black holes eat everything and grow without restriction while there is something to eat. But neutron star matter to eat can, but eat a lot of it is clearly harmful. Perhaps at some stage the neutron star transformed into a black hole?? And this can be and then the growth will not be controlled until there is substance, but the rays obviously will not be to the extent and not with such intensity. The neutron star will clearly die, but what will happen in its place? Who would ask such a question* if somewhere all the black holes devour, will accumulate a huge uncontrolled force of gravity, which will continue to tighten and shrink to nuclear density? I liked the work of the German physicists, theres a lot they naplodili, but the essence is not bad. They allegedly calculated the maximum possible upper bound on the mass of a conventional neutron star. If, for example, a neutron star is only 20 km in diameter, it will already weigh like our two Suns, further along the progression. Not too neutron star is different from the black hole, they have more in common than different, but some grow and grow, and others grow but to the limit?
Scientists believe that almost all of the known neutron stars have a mass of about 1.4 solar. At this time, found as would be the biggest pulsar and has a mass of 2.1 solar masses, a is the object number PSR J0348+0432. Nuclear density is as if you had all the mountains in North and South America squeezed into a briquette the size of a liter jar, then it would be the real, but not the biggest neutron star. If youre going to add mass, then at some stage (I wonder what?) the neutron star passes through the black hole stage. Even if one atom will not get, it will be a neutron star, and as soon as the atom of matter is obtained, it will be a black hole, such a clear face and design.
One German scientist wont do for publicity to mention, but it sounds like your study of this topic has reached the possibility to calculate the maximum weight of a neutron star with a share of the veracity of a few percent. This is a very, very good result for the time being. If a neutron star is stable and does not rotate like a pulsar, its mass cannot exceed 2.16 solar masses.
More information about this scientific work can be read on request in Google Universal relations. The idea of scientists believe that all neutron stars like clones and similar in essence, they like the clones, these values can not be taken into account. Next is this rubbish about different gravitational waves, and the like fiction that I cant even began to study the findings, it is important that theorists supposedly found a way to calculate and predict various processes in the Universe. Theory is theory, but practice is practice and in practice, the pulsar does not feel, experience difficult as everything is confirm almost?
All the calculations in this topic you can read in the publication Astrophysical Journal Letters, published by a group of researchers Really. Supposedly the theme is not fake and many scientists have confirmed its reality, but expected and predicted this based on completely different data and calculations. The topic introduced the concept of gravitational waves and put them on your existing concept of the development of everything in the Universe. So that the exact mass of largest neutron star yet, but scientists are gradually exactly the same approach to the sacred line that separates the level of the electron one object from another.

Neutron Stars

Record made 2018-04-24

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