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NASA first telescope Kepler lost and now on Mars Rover can not find

NASAOn Mars at some stage of the Rover Opportunity began a strong storm that covered a layer of dust almost most of the planet. As a result, the Rover decided to send to sleep, but the dust storm was delayed and apparently the Rover battery is completely discharged and now the Martian slow-motion does not show signs of life. NASA is worried and thinks that the probability that the Rover will not be able to resuscitate is approaching one. Looking for or trying to contact the Martian Rover is not the first week, but so far the results are zero, but what is most interesting, the search has not yet stopped and are looking for throughout October and November will continue to search.
In order that it is possible to more accurately know the status of the Rover need to have a short session of technical communication than actually trying now ground service to do. If the solar panels are covered with dust and they do not give the charging current, then with a high degree of probability or what to do will not work, unless of course on the Rover Opportunity, there is no backup battery, in case the main due to failure refuses to work. It is this apparently trying to use the service, because otherwise it is an attempt to revive the long-dead machine.
But the most interesting thing is that where the Rover hovered in the near future, the storm will not only continue, but also slightly intensify. That means possible dust from the solar panels a little blown away and they nor any but the charge current will begin to give, and perhaps still the device will be able to revive. After this storm subsides to this question again will address and again will try to carry out a communication session with the Rover. Starting June 10, 2018, the Rover sleeps and sees sweet dreams, more with him no one has talked since that day. Previously, Mars worked the clone Opportunity and its twin Rover Spirit, but lost it for quite some time, and that Opportunity still on the go, this is more nonsense. These two Mars Rovers have been operating on the planets surface for 15 years, although it was originally planned to use these devices for three months. Resource repeatedly blocked in any case, received many times more useful information about Mars than expected.
The Rover Spirit stuck in 2009, and the mission with its participation ended in 2011. The opportunity Rover has already run as much as 45 km, which is almost 60 times more than the planned resource. That is the miracle from NASA fruitful work for the good of mankind, but alas all when it ends and the Rover also came to an end.

What did the opportunity Rover see on the surface of Mars?

Record made 2018-11-05

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Sponge cake tastes like ice cream Sundae! Sponge cake tastes like ice cream Sundae! If everything is done as it should be, then the result will be a very tasty cake. It will taste like something delicious from a distant childhood. The sponge cake should be at least airy, and the magic taste of the cream will give your masterpiece a positive zest. To prepare the cake, you will need the following products. We will make a sponge cake according to the standard recipe, eggs, sugar and flour. Flour we will need-6 large eggs, 200 grams of flour and 150 grams of sugar. To make the dough airy, add a little baking powder (one teaspoon) to it at the kneading stage. To pr...

A house in space the second series:) The first episode was yesterday A house in space the second series:) The first episode was yesterday Fast forward to the near future, in those times. When there are a lot of ships flying around the far and near space, they all fly at light speed, because at normal cruising speed, the ship is an excellent prey for pirates, who are apparently divorced in the inhabited Universe. I don't think it's worth telling about all the flights and all the ships, and it's probably not interesting, because the matter is in the distant future, at a time when our mind and our consciousness are already resting in the information field of the Universe and everything is already known without any extra...

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