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American scientists tend to believe that contact with aliens has already happened and it happened a long time ago

UFO fly, all of them see, but responsible for all departments do not see anything beyond what is expected, and if so, then apparently contact with the aliens has long been accomplished and now everything is already on the rolled and no one is not surprising rails, paths and track. The latest data from NASA, in a sense, all the love in the subject of UFOs came as a shock. One of NASA specialists posted data and documents to the network, which testify to the contact in the past. If you want to read, then look for documents on the tag # New Assumptions to Guide SETI Research. It is rather not something new and unusual, but a new interpretation of everything that came to the scientist at different stages of life. The material is in many ways controversial, some support it, and some do not. But the media all inflated beyond recognition, the result was not a small news fly, and a huge news elephant in the China shop. Out materials under the headlines such as Scientists from NASA say that the Earth could already be visited by aliens, which in principle is probably nothing more than a desire to attract an audience to his chatter than the actual last time the media and engaged. What about the headline? Tiny aliens could visit Earth. I also think at least no less amazing tale than NASAs flight to the moon.
I would like to know a little more about the scientists conclusions from NASA and what he really thinks about contacts with extraterrestrial intelligence. So as a scientist thinks, not as the press writes for the sake of nonsense journalists who read.
The material is prepared a certain former NASA employee, his name Colombano. He is on duty had access to the Department of intelligent systems of space Agency NASA and probably something still past his eyes not slipped... So, that his assumptions about how, that aliens a deserved in the past on Earth may well be part of what the hidden truth. On the other hand, some scientists have studied this material and believe that all this is nothing more than his vision of the Fermi paradox. Throughout the work there is a desire to get the only answer to the only question, Where are the aliens?
The universe is just a huge body, there are so many corners where, in principle, there could be aliens that it is difficult to imagine where and how much. Aliens can be different, they may not be quite familiar to us biological organisms, they can be plasmoids and in the form of fields and even in the form of silicon structure, something like a silicon chip. In General, the question was raised again, and the answer was not heard. Now here is remembered about the fact that the telescope Curler for the first mission was able to close by the standards of the space district to find as much as 3848 confirmed the planet. There are also planets that are supposedly in the zone of life of their stars and these planets at least ten billion years. During this time, life had yet to emerge, if she is born. As the Solar system has known for about 4.5 billion years, our civilization is clearly not the first or the second or even the third. So what on Earth in the cradle of constantly emerging life overcoming the point of utter chaos and oblivion. If for example somewhere in orbit is still a hot star at the point where the water is warm and there is no frost can be born life, then it means there is already, because such planets on the conclusions of the scientist just a lot.
Planets are different, and life on them can be completely different. If we take for example the Earth, then everything on Earth is evolving so rapidly that the scientific world can hardly say what will happen and what to expect in the next 1000 years, and about the distance of 5 billion years in General it is impossible to imagine anything.
In General, reasoned scientist from NASA for a long time, the materials read cool and came to the conclusion that all the same where Yes they should be. If the aliens are somewhere, it is difficult to even imagine what technologies they will have. Mankind is probably mistaken in the idea of traveling through the Universe, according to scientists, traveling between star systems is in principle not possible or unlikely, and if so, then to us for example aliens from a neighboring galaxy probably will not arrive. For example, how far can our civilization fly on missile technology? Our technique is far from perfect, we barely reached the Kuiper belt and then at great cost, but the asteroid belt behind the orbit of Pluto study only in photos. What does humanity fly on? What was invented in 50 of the last century, we still use those carts where you try to fly. Weapons are created, tanks and aircraft are modernized, and in space as they flew on rocket thrust and fly, even a normally operating nuclear engine has not yet been created.
What can be the aliens at this time? The aliens may well be such technologies that we can not even imagine. Probably, if humanity is looking for something, it is what it can imagine. For example, a huge spaceship on ion thrust, which flies somewhere in space. The essence of the search at this time according to Columbano is limited both financially and imagination settings. Humanity is not able to come up with something that does not know and it is not known to look hard. Until such is not reached, and if reached, what it really is would have found.
Scientists believe that radio waves is the only true and the most advanced means of communication and so it will remain for hundreds of thousands of years. But this is fundamentally not true. Telepathy is now really confirmed the phenomenon, where is the guarantee that telepathy is not possible to communicate with a neighboring galaxy and, if possible, in this case, again, such a humanity is clearly evolving, not because the script, not the technology, its all a dead end but in the dead end leading.
Science, for example, accurately believes and even probably sure that it is not possible to fly at anything at speeds above the speed of light. Perhaps this is the main reason that humanity is looking for other worlds in the radio range. If someone Moos on the radio frequencies in the neighboring galaxy, while the signal reaches us, the civilization that sent it either will destroy itself, or will grow to such a level that the planet itself will already be small as the cradle of life and will need to look for something more extensive and perhaps somewhere in other worlds on other meridians So that even if we can sabalingam in for the range, then the probability that the signal sent will reach the destination is minimized, and tends in probability to zero.
Look for intelligent life should not be at the level of radio waves and not at the level of light streams, you need to at least look for something that is with a probability of 100% moving in the universe with much higher speeds. When humanity will understand in which direction to bite the stone of science, to understand where to look for and find aliens, then we really can find them. And while they may find us, but communication does not work, because we are blind kittens in their view of the Universe. Here are some thoughts about what is wrong in our world, if we have such a technique, we can not find in the visible Part of the universe of aliens and their worlds.
Record made 2019-01-21

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