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I found the drawings of the poles of the Sun quite interesting

It is not the first time that spaceships are sent to the Sun, they study our star for a long period of time, but as it turns out they do not really know yet even what temperature is on the surface and what can be seen at the poles of the star. The most famous and advanced ESA mission to study the Sun called Proba-2 (PRoject for OnBoard Autonomy 2) and SOHO (SOlar Heliospheric Observatory), in addition, and the Americans are also actively trying to monitor the Sun. You know two of the most advanced mission to study the Sun -SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory) and STEREO (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory). Russia to the Sun, neither of which has not yet shipped, even in collaboration with someone else too, neither of which were not carried out. NASA, at the same time, conducted one Solar mission in close cooperation with ESA, the Ulysses mission (Ulysses). All probes flew at a respectful distance to the star at the latitude of the equator, no probe has not looked at the poles of the star. Although this is also impossible to say, for example, a joint mission of ESA and NASA, the Ulysses PROJECT, enough in wide ranges scanned the Sun, maybe would have reached the polar latitudes, but in 2009 the project was completed. Astronomers did not set themselves the task to study the polar latitudes of the Sun, apparently for this reason Ulysses did not get to the polar regions. Polar caps in the Sun poorly understood, if they certainly are. The request for a picture of what could see the probe at the poles of the Sun in the network is and probably for this reason, the artists came into play, they then drew from the words of science fiction astronomers that in reality can be expected in the lens of photo cameras, if these are directed at the poles of our star.
The network is already walking this unique picture, which is created on the basis of what he saw probe Proba-2, although the picture is slightly modified brush skilled master. Probably in the PLI polar zones of the star there is something that these zones are clearly different from the entire other surface, but about such differences so far no one reports anything. The photo shows some lines passing through the Central region of the pole. Maybe it is because at the pole there is a coronal hole on the lower levels of the atmosphere?! The coronary hole was depicted as a dark spot in the Central area of the drawn photo. In this area, according to scientists rotates with great speed the flow of solar wind.
Until the poles got the technique from a photo camera, like this drawings it will come down to the scientific justification of all that at the poles can take place. Most likely this is a drawn photo after the Solar Orbiter mission, which starts in 2020 will become obsolete, and while it is shown to everyone, it is referred to and presented in the form of evidence that in reality it will be possible to see at the poles of the Sun, if you get there.
Record made 2019-01-21

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Do you believe that life on Earth originated from space Do you believe that life on Earth originated from space Scientists are studying the emergence of life on the planet is not the first century and as it turns out, each time more and more interesting things can be found. Panspermia is not fiction, but more than reality, more and more scholars inclined to the idea of the origin of life on earth exactly in this cosmic way. Recently, even American scientists From the research center of Ames NASA have revealed a new fact confirming this hypothesis. The probability that life came to Earth from deep space on an asteroid is very high. If life itself to us on the planet was not able to fly in a li...

On December 22  2018  the Earth was lucky  but will it be lucky next time  Flew past the asteroid 2003 SD220 On December 22 2018 the Earth was lucky but will it be lucky next time Flew past the asteroid 2003 SD220 Past the Earth while at a respectful distance fly asteroids, they fly quite a lot and they are sometimes very large, but while they fly past we live and sleep peacefully, but when they collide with the Earth it will probably be the last thing that humanity will see. Recently, astronomers in the near space found the asteroid 2003 SD220, it flew so close that it was even able to probe the radar and there are even unique images in the network. With the help of radar it was possible to consider even the configuration of the object, its spin of rotation and it was already possible to mor...

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