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Types of UFOs that are most often moved by teleportation

The simpler the boat, the easier it is to describe in the model and the easier it is to teleport somewhere far away. Flights of such ships are described very well, many contactors have seen them. They fly through the sky without any sound, even if a UFO will sit on your lawn next to the house, it is likely you will not even hear the minimum rustle of the moving mechanisms of the ship. They fly on a completely different principle, there was probably neither of which is moving, everything works different from mechanics principles. If the vehicle starts, it is not visible any direction, even have some ability to track the trajectory. If such a UFO flies in a zigzag, then in places of a sharp turn and change of direction will be visible for a split second, and in flight no one and no one will see, not because he does not see when he flies, but because he flies not as we imagine. He in the pure not flies, he flies in the form of flow of energy, and there where need change direction for a moment, becomes material object and if this not ultimate point by air, then all continues on habitual plan. The fact that the nodes in zig-zag motion is not observed bright flashes in favor of the fact that the ship is very light, has virtually no mass. Something similar casual viewers saw in the suburbs of Mexico city, where UFO lit up a little disappeared in one place and instantly appeared in another place and so several times. Contactors who communicate in extraterrestrial civilizations believe that the nearest civilization of this level as flying on such ships is in the constellation Pleiades. Can be where the still there is something similar, but data I not found. Besides the ships themselves, which from matter turning into energy flying through the universe there are the energy capsules, it is something else that is not having material, but at the same time, flies and has some intelligence in management. Contactees described the civilization which can make such energy shell and they travel through space, is this civilization in the constellation of Libra, it is at a lower level from aliens living in the constellation of the Pleiades. The movement of the ball is very interesting in itself, and the balls can be of different sizes and different colors. There is even a start of movement of such energy capsules. First, the ball changed color and then began to move. The fact that such capsules traveling intelligent life already no one doubts, as there is evidence of contactees that are seen on the outside is a yellow capsule the face of a humanoid. As scientists say its not all chips from the aliens in terms of movement in space, it seems to me, so how many civilizations, so many types of ships and the principles of their movement. There are ships that fly in the timeless channel. This is usually a huge base ships of any civilization, if it certainly lived up to this moment and no one decided to do. Timeless channels are created specifically and serve to quickly transfer material objects in the right direction. Its like a time gate in an alien movie. In this way, move extraterrestrial civilizations level above the earth, this is the first level of civilizations that somehow travel long distances. The process itself requires a large amount of energy and civilization can not support the gate in any direction for a long time. Opened, powered the system, sent the ship and closed the channel. As it all works, when the ships of such civilizations reach the Ground and fly at our side, they are not very different from those aircraft that we have in service with the only difference that they fly faster and are armed more solidly.
Record made 2019-09-24

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Sponge cake tastes like ice cream Sundae! Sponge cake tastes like ice cream Sundae! If everything is done as it should be, then the result will be a very tasty cake. It will taste like something delicious from a distant childhood. The sponge cake should be at least airy, and the magic taste of the cream will give your masterpiece a positive zest. To prepare the cake, you will need the following products. We will make a sponge cake according to the standard recipe, eggs, sugar and flour. Flour we will need-6 large eggs, 200 grams of flour and 150 grams of sugar. To make the dough airy, add a little baking powder (one teaspoon) to it at the kneading stage. To pr...

A house in space the second series:) The first episode was yesterday A house in space the second series:) The first episode was yesterday Fast forward to the near future, in those times. When there are a lot of ships flying around the far and near space, they all fly at light speed, because at normal cruising speed, the ship is an excellent prey for pirates, who are apparently divorced in the inhabited Universe. I don't think it's worth telling about all the flights and all the ships, and it's probably not interesting, because the matter is in the distant future, at a time when our mind and our consciousness are already resting in the information field of the Universe and everything is already known without any extra...

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