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Why with such monstrous speeds the crew of UFO is not experiencing congestion

If you like me in school, you probably know that if the body to accelerate to high speed and then briskly slow down, the kinetic energy briskly go to another type of energy and it is not very beneficial to the biological substance if we consider the crew of a UFO from this point of view. Them there the idea is to smear on the walls of the cabins, but as it so happens, neither of which such alien is not happening and they are sharp somersaults in flight can do at least every minute. If the astronauts landing on the ground in the capsule overloaded in the tens of g, then neonati supposed to overload in the thousands of gs. With a high probability in addition to the fact that there is a propulsion system, there is also some kind of system that controls the mass vector. Maybe when the ship quickly turns and starts, then its weight is zero. How this is implemented is a mystery. Can be in contrast to the vector mass creates a gravitational field that compensates for all? It is valid that fully absorbs the vector of the masses, I mean it zeroes out. If the assumption is true, the aliens during sharp turns at all, dont feel anything, and the ship and those who are in the ship just without a difference on what path to go and how fast to move. This is my personal assumption, but it coincides with the conclusions that were made in the communication of special services with contactees, with those people who flew UFOs with aliens. Such innovative solutions earthlings themselves probably will not soon invent, but to get a gift from some highly developed civilization, you will still need to try and gain brains. Cant say that attempts to control gravity the scientists there, it is and has always been present, but as soon as the experiment was approaching something proryvnom, then just something happened. More advanced entity watching earthlings and not allowed to develop while which is detrimental to society technology. Aliens like to allow engineers from Earth to observe the flights of their ships, but to build and develop such technologies are not allowed. In addition to the usual, though at a very high speed of movement of UFOs have another option to move instantly to any point in space. This perhaps can be explain principles of teleportation. How about working principle of teleportation I do not know, but scientists are not too clever theory put forward. It is believed that there is some kind of lepton frame and how everything is involved and as a result there is no time vector or distance in flight, there is only a point of departure and a point of arrival. About teleportation I can only say one thing, it is a way to get from point A to point B through the transition to a higher dimension of the Universe. That is, if we live in a three-dimensional dimension and plus more time, then to get from point A to point B you only need to fall into the fifth dimension, and there just everything is different, there is a concept here and there and in the future, all in one point. So it turns out here is gone, went there, and from there took off and got to where he wanted. Everything about everything is not at least seconds of time, but apparently the energy cost of the flight, still not all civilizations available, it is very costly to travel from one Universe to another, though without stopping, and transit. Have you ever thought about the fact that just in this way travel those civilizations that live in a multidimensional world. They come here to watch us like we watch ants that live in a two-dimensional world...
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Sponge cake tastes like ice cream Sundae! Sponge cake tastes like ice cream Sundae! If everything is done as it should be, then the result will be a very tasty cake. It will taste like something delicious from a distant childhood. The sponge cake should be at least airy, and the magic taste of the cream will give your masterpiece a positive zest. To prepare the cake, you will need the following products. We will make a sponge cake according to the standard recipe, eggs, sugar and flour. Flour we will need-6 large eggs, 200 grams of flour and 150 grams of sugar. To make the dough airy, add a little baking powder (one teaspoon) to it at the kneading stage. To pr...

A house in space the second series:) The first episode was yesterday A house in space the second series:) The first episode was yesterday Fast forward to the near future, in those times. When there are a lot of ships flying around the far and near space, they all fly at light speed, because at normal cruising speed, the ship is an excellent prey for pirates, who are apparently divorced in the inhabited Universe. I don't think it's worth telling about all the flights and all the ships, and it's probably not interesting, because the matter is in the distant future, at a time when our mind and our consciousness are already resting in the information field of the Universe and everything is already known without any extra...

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