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A house in space the second series:) The first episode was yesterday

A Fast forward to the near future, in those times. When there are a lot of ships flying around the far and near space, they all fly at light speed, because at normal cruising speed, the ship is an excellent prey for pirates, who are apparently divorced in the inhabited Universe.
I don't think it's worth telling about all the flights and all the ships, and it's probably not interesting, because the matter is in the distant future, at a time when our mind and our consciousness are already resting in the information field of the Universe and everything is already known without any extra trouble. It will be much easier, the theme will be about one space "Marauder" who flies in space on his own business...
On Board this small spaceship is a modest, but skilled crew of three alien creatures, if you saw them, you would think that you were in a madhouse, since these are ordinary octopuses, and the ship is not air, but ordinary sea water enriched with oxygen. So the iron aquarium flies in space, it flies at a decent speed, in se as in a fairy tale, but this fairy tale becomes a reality if you transfer our mind that way 1000 years into the future.
The crew is strange and not very talkative, but still we will try to convey to you the conversation and the essence of what they are talking about.
Our alien creatures are called like piglets from the fairy tale "Seven piglets". Nuf, NAF and NIF. They fly to a very large Magnetar to test special spacesuits for different types of living fauna that live in abundance on those planets where water inhabitants land only when necessary and in special water suits. The crew consists of a pilot, mechanic and biologist. NIF feeds various creatures, which are not enough in the cargo compartment, takes care of them and just does experiments. Two other crew members monitor the road and make sure that all the systems of the small space aquarium function stably.
The most interesting thing is probably the work of the biologist NIF on Board the ship in space, he has a lot of work and all of it is interesting. The pilot knew his job very well, plotted a course where there are no pirates, and basically just dozed in the cabin. On-Board engineer NAF constantly carried out some work on the revision of components and assemblies, the work is not difficult, but monotonous and boring. The crew spent all their free time talking to their families on a distant water planet. All conversations took place for some reason behind closed doors and through the head of this secret mission.
The world in which our pilots from the space aquarium live is no less strange and interesting than ours, but only adjusted for the fact that we live on Earth in the air ocean, and there on Gulkebaran there is a local community in the ocean up to 100 km deep. Entire cities are built on the ocean floor in dense layers of salt water. There is clearly interesting, but to get there for a simple person just will not work, because the pressure there is just huge, you need at least to be born an octopus and certainly in this world, to freely swim around the big water world.
Our alien comrades are flying and do not know that the most incredible events are happening in the very part of the universe where they are located. In the receiver at different frequencies, strange sounds often began to appear, which were difficult to find an explanation for. In addition, someone sometimes knocked on the hull of the ship, clearly for a reason. The octopuses were really scared, not because they couldn't fight back, but because they didn't understand who they were dealing with.
Everything would probably have been so on, until in the oxygen hold, where various piglets from other worlds lived, some rare species of living and certainly oxygen fauna, one of the crew members came across something clearly alive, but not visible to ordinary scanners. This something made sounds, could move objects, and if desired, could bring great trouble to the ship.
After consulting, the octopuses decided to transfer the development of this "project-object" to a biologist, and that was the end of the problem. NIF began to spend more time in the oxygen compartment trying to catch and if possible study a new animal! It was a difficult task to catch the invisible one, and once the creature hit Neef's suit with force and flew with great force towards the cabin paneling, the roar was incredible. The case is at least strange, it shocked everyone and it was decided to deal with the problem more closely.

I think on the spaceship someone clearly there is, except us, - suggested NIF
- I Wonder from what planet it is?, - said NAF.< br> an Alien, - Nuf clarified
- a Poltergeist or a guest from a parallel world, - NIF summed up.

While discussing, from somewhere from behind the wall of the ship something hit.
- Wow - in addition, someone whispered something. "Well, it's not a poltergeist, is it?"
- a moment Later, a short, blond, stocky man appeared in the cabin. Although the crew had never seen a Brownie traveling in space, they were not particularly surprised. At first, probably everyone thought that now something Grand and big would appear. Maybe it's some kind of aggressive alien species that science doesn't mention in its tablets.
The peasant was an ordinary-looking man, dressed in peasant rags, and had bast sandals on his feet. A knapsack was slung over his shoulder and a staff was in his hands, it was made of wood, but if you put it well, you can kill anyone. To the ship's captain, the staff seemed like a weapon, and this greatly alerted him.
- The brownie, slightly taken aback by what he saw, began to talk a little. I understand You called me a "Poltergeist", but I'm not the same, I'm just a Domovoi Vasya from the planet Earth. - NAF immediately asked, and where is the same Earth is located and how can you travel without a ship in space with a bag on your shoulder?
Our vasyanya immediately clearly thought ... How far these creatures are, they don't know about the brownie. After waiting a bit, Vasya continued the conversation.
I've been flying in space for about five hundred years, and I've seen more than that in all my time. My name is Pisarev Vasily Mitrofanovich, I come from Earth, or rather once lived there, now I ride on spaceships to different parts of the galaxy, so to speak, I study the World. For a house do not have to get on the ship at the start, it is important to present the ship itself and if you wish, you find yourself instantly in that you actually watched just added BOB!
The captain of the ship asked Vasya to tell about the past, how he lived before and how he lives now?
When I was little, I lived behind a gas stove in a five-story building, where I got with things from the old abandoned house in which I was born and lived for fifty years in fullness and health. So I probably would have lived on, but the house was demolished, and the owners died. I had to look for new housing, there were no houses left in the village, everything was destroyed by local leaders and I moved to the city, where I found a place to live in a cozy one-room apartment with my grandmother Marusya and my cat Musya. Lived so-so, did not grieve at all. I followed the order in the apartment, the work is not dusty, but boring, and once I saw the Mir space station on TV, I decided to go to it and I liked it so much that I was already on the Ground for the stove as someone who is not a Walker.
"I've seen all sorts of ships, but I haven't seen a flying aquarium yet. I first got to you on the ship, I thought that I got into a bath with water,but then I rummaged around and found a dry box and began to study the surrounding area.
I understand everything here, but I can't understand where you're going or what you're doing here.
"Our mission is to study the unknown forms of life that we have in abundance on the science ship. However, we can not keep them for a long time in captivity, many specimens die and nothing can be done about it yet. The other day, one of the piglets that were taken for radiation tests got sick. We still can't figure out what causes the disease on a sterile ship.
- You are strange, however, I would also not be able to live in a pot of soup for a long time. Vasya has already studied everything on the ship, but has not found a kitchen where there is a refrigerator and kitchen < br> accessories. Of course, Vasya saw the kitchen, but it was not a kitchen, but some huge dispenser from which various pates fell out, which was fed to everyone on Board.
All expectations about a beautiful Russian samovar and jam pies were dispelled like a fog.
In addition to the dispenser in the ship's kitchen, there were also boxes with some canned food and tubes of jelly. One of the tubes had "pork Meat" written on it.
Looking at this, Vasya shrugged and explained to the octopuses for a long time that pig meat does not happen like this. That pig meat is called stew and it is in completely different banks and clearly does not look like diluted jelly. If you eat this kind of food, not only will you not reach the end of the expedition, but you will also stretch your legs ahead of time. Nuf thought that it was time to hide his pig out of harm's way, so that Vasya wouldn't let him eat real earth food for fun and advertising a better life.
What you eat is all not real, I will now prepare some food for you, since I have a magic bag behind my shoulders, and there is something similar to a self-made tablecloth In General, get ready, soon there will be a feast for the entire ship's world, I have been putting food in my bag for years, and since they all lie in another dimension, then getting them from there I get almost fresh, just put delicious food from which you can cook soup and something more substantial to come up with. And when you are lazy, you just took out a tablecloth-samobranku and said the magic words and now you are already full and drunk and ready for a long flight to any point in the Universe.
The octopuses smelled their flippers and agreed to enjoy a delicious lunch from the local chef Vasya. Vasya shook the bag and there was a pile of vegetables on the floor, knives and forks, and even grandma's old samovar fell out. Vasya decided to make a stew with meat. There was meat, there were vegetables, and even our space brownie took the chopping Board.
Brownie chopped everything very quickly, cut cucumbers into rings, cut tomatoes into cubes and cut onions so finely that it almost became a paste.
Cooking on a ship like this is not difficult, because there is artificial gravity and nothing goes anywhere. When everything was ready, the meat was fried, the salad was soaked in oil, it was time to do something delicious and useful for those who are used to eating from a pipette, or rather from a tube. Vasya put everything in a blender and turned everything into porridge, which he then successfully stuffed with a spoon into food tubes. He sat down on the floor and began to set the table in the old-fashioned way and put food in cups. The long preparation eventually turned into a boring meal. On one side of the monitor sat Vasya and devoured the whole mouth of delicious food, and on the other side in the aquarium sucked food from tubes strange octopuses.
Day after day went on as usual, Vasya worked as a cook on Board the spaceship, his bag became for a while a warehouse with food and tools. Vasya and his cooking Oh, how the alien octopuses liked it. The pigs stopped getting sick, all because the huge hangar was converted into a field of grass. Octopuses are so into the taste they liked the new products so much. That they began to cultivate on Board and potatoes and tomatoes and even onions, the benefit of hydroponics, no one canceled even in the future.
Vasya often disappeared from the ship and traveled somewhere, but always returned home with gifts in the form of fresh meat and milk, which the octopuses loved very much.. There was a lot of food and even the piglets had enough slops, now they were not sick, and all the other animals were just waiting for their new cosmonaut Vasya to feed them.
The brownie was in charge of the galley, but sometimes he helped with the cleaning of the premises, although it is difficult to clean the aquarium if it occupies a large part of your home. The brownie did everything the other way around, but the food came out great, so over time, Vasya learned not to do anything else on the ship and all the free space he slept in the pantry in a bag. The only time the octopuses visited his pantry was when they wanted to know what was going to be for dinner or lunch.
This would probably have continued for many years of flight time, if not for the "emergency", a meteorite hit the Board of the space aquarium and severely damaged the solar panels. Engineer NIF decided to put on a special spacesuit and go to repair, but suddenly in the window flashed the smiling face of the house Vasya with tools. Vasya was already patching up the holes in the hull. He was the best welder, of course, but he had made it all right, and it wasn't hard to bite out the broken cells from the solar panels. As a result, in addition to his duties as a cook, Vasya became a full-time cosmonaut with the ability to tap the outer skin of the ship with a hammer.
Do not think that Vasya flew on this amazing ship for a long time and was happy, everything gets boring, even the most beautiful and kind wife eventually begins to irritate at least in old age. So one day Vasya just disappeared, but not just disappeared in French, but left a note.

-Something I'm moping, I want to change the situation. I probably wouldn't even know how to do it, but a strange plasmoid flew by on occasion, which on closer inspection turned out to be a humanoid spaceship with big eyes:)) I stayed with them for a while and decided to stay with them a little longer. A little in my understanding, it can be an eternity, so you can hope and believe in my return, everything in this Universe is possible The cooking area of your House mechanic Bob!

If you liked the publication, give attention to the author :) thanks!

Record made 2020-12-02

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A house in space the second series:) The first episode was yesterday A house in space the second series:) The first episode was yesterday Fast forward to the near future, in those times. When there are a lot of ships flying around the far and near space, they all fly at light speed, because at normal cruising speed, the ship is an excellent prey for pirates, who are apparently divorced in the inhabited Universe. I don't think it's worth telling about all the flights and all the ships, and it's probably not interesting, because the matter is in the distant future, at a time when our mind and our consciousness are already resting in the information field of the Universe and everything is already known without any extra...

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