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In free flight time tends to slow down

When the habitual habitat changes, the perception of the new environment changes. People are used to the fact that under his feet there is solid ground, but when he is in free flight, the whole perception changes dramatically. You see not only that you have side, that from above, but and the that you have under with their feet far on path fall of. Information is largely added, it may load the brain more and it behaves as it is in a special way, as it is not clear.
This files most often fall from great heights skydivers worried about them write more interesting stories. As the in the distant 1992 in newspaper Propeller described with words paratrooper his strange leap with parachute.
In 1988, a parachutist jumped out in a given area, but a strong crosswind carried him far from the desired landing point, on the way to the ground a high-voltage line was drawn, it was quickly approaching and there was no time to Dodge. But suddenly, the descent of the parachutist stopped, a meter from the wire, he simply hung. The paratrooper looks up and sees that the canopy of the parachute is spread out, and he did not catch on anything. It is strange however... In the field, working people just froze and hung in the air in motion.
Here skydiver concentrated and pulled a few straps on the parachute itself, and moved away from the wires. How was the landing, the guy doesnt mind, but those who saw him first said he muttered something and was obviously in a state of shock for a few minutes.
In addition I can only recommend a book by Raymond Moody called it Life after life. In this amazing book, sometimes just amazing stories are told, which were told by eyewitnesses of the events. On their version of time flowed as least not routinely, but as maximum as the strange. Mostly this is happening when you on the threshold of death or where the near in border area.
Another unique case in which the car began to slide into the abyss. In the cab sat the driver and two soldiers, two more soldiers and a Sergeant sat in the back. When the car had slid to the edge, to a seasoned Sergeant as if time slowed, he saw the car slowly skid goes to the cliff and if you dont leave it, everything will be in three hundred meters at the bottom of the abyss. Sergeant as him seemed loudly said to leave machine, but nor who nor what not did and then he took and force threw out two soldiers from car body and as only himself jumped out machine strongly banked and plummeting has with driver in gap. All were killed but two soldiers and a Sergeant who rode in the back. Then the investigators asked the soldiers how and when they jumped out of the car, they may not remember what was out somewhere. Just for them was an instant change of scene, they sat in the car, and then they lie on the side of the road, and the car falls off a cliff. Only the Sergeant knew what was happening and that it was he who threw the soldiers out of the truck forcibly just because they just did not hear him.
How else was the case with a brave driver who was driving on a normal road, but at some point lost control and the car suffered from the bridge.
In the very moment, when driver understood, that if nor what not to do, then machine will penetrate fence and will fall with bridge, but to mind nor what not crossed, only only before eyes flashed different pictures of the from the past. These pictures were so realistic that it seemed that you are experiencing them in reality here and now. Saw all from the most childhood, all was thus real and a clear, that was even as the creepy. Then, on occasion, an even stranger event occurred. When the pictures stopped, the driver saw himself in reality standing on the side of the road, and the car has almost sunk in the raging water flow. Who pulled the driver out? Had he escaped death himself? This perhaps history not Pro time, and Pro angels saviors, which pass in the brain different pictures of the absolves human from moreover, to to see and understand all the, that with him in this time is happening. And can be all was and otherwise, driver in of shock seeing, that time has stalled managed to all same on big speed jump out from cabin and without single scratches to remain alive and intact. All same time is behaving very strange, it clearly not wears linear character, and changing under impact any mental energies, can speed up or same contrary to dwell. It all depends on the energy and the situation.
Record made 2019-10-02

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The Spitzer telescope examined protostars in the constellation NGC 2264 The Spitzer telescope examined protostars in the constellation NGC 2264 NASA has a lot of unique photos in its storerooms. it's nice that sometimes something interesting from this warehouse of important and necessary information gets into the network. Just recently, NASA published the latest photos from the SPITZER telescope. The most interesting image probably contains a stellar nursery, in the NGC 2264 nebula. Young stars sparkle in the photo in the Central area of the image. There are these stellar nurseries with bright stars in NGC 2264 Ч a scattered star cluster associated with the nebula, located in the constellation of Unicorn. The object is app...

The space telescope launched on April 18, 2018 discovered the new warm Jupiter TOI-677b The space telescope launched on April 18, 2018 discovered the new warm Jupiter TOI-677b At the time of the program's opening, the Tess telescope's budget cost the Treasury $ 200 million. The money was allocated as part of a Small NASA research program. It was developed by specialists from the laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of technology. As a result of the successful launch, the satellite reached the desired orbital altitude on April 18, 2018. Using such a powerful telescope in their research, astronomers discovered a warm and very large planet. The planet is located very far from the EARTH, it revolves around the star TOI-677, the star is very hot and brig...

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