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Sample essays :: Geography

Global Warming as a Climatic and Geographical Threat.


...Long time ago one of the main problems on the planet became the global climate change. The Artic ice starts to melt and disappear, Latin America and South America suffer from lethal storms and floods. Europeans have to face melting glaciers, forest fires and heat waves. The tree rings and ancient coral in ice cores show that the world has not been as warm before as it is now. The warmest years were all starting since 1998. Most of these changes are influenced by human activities, as people burn the nature's stores of coal, oil and natural gas. As a result billions of tones of carbon dioxide come into the air annually. Some scientists even suppose that these changes were caused by the dawn of agriculture. The well known phenomenon connected with global warming is greenhouse effect. Co2 is a greenhouse gas that makes the obstacle for the Sun radiation in the troposphere, the lower atmosphere. Some researches also show that cosmic ray are also connected with this effect. AS soon as the atmospheric CO2 raises the global temperatures are luckily to raise by around 2C to 5 C. As a result the ice starts to melt, changes in clouds and vegetation occur and so on. When the glaciers melt, they will certainly cause some rivers to overflow, while others will be emptied. The situations with water resources might cause conflicts in different regions....

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Telephone Fly E160
Chinese all not there is good, all clear and understandable. But timeses are changed and on my chinese producers become be conceived about quality produced goods. On Russian market left the telephone Fly E160, as many modes with touch screen too. But it is important another, telephone supports work immediately two SIM cards that advantageously its distinguishes from such class telephone. As is well known use telephone with two SIM allows vast...
Fotocamera Samsung PL200
Samsung certain tries to occupy the stable position on the market of the budgetary technology for building. The Technology not expensive, but it is enough qualitative. Not long ago model budgetary fotocamera PL200 was shown. Its discriminating quality is sevenfold optical zum. The lens has a focal length 31-217 mm. Now gaining such foto, you will be able with rather acceptable clearness to take pictures rather remote objects. Optical zumer ...
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS10
The News from company Panasonic will much is pleasantly perceived by persons of the extreme behaviour:) There is that camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS10 is vastly protected from influence of the external ambience. As is well known sore spot fotocamers this water protected and small damages protected. In given models is made stress on this two directions exactly and here is that was thereof got judge themselves. The Camera fine bears the falls wi...
MSI Wind12 U230 Light
MSI Wind12 U230 Light The Company MSI made happy their own admirers by novelty. Not quite certainly novelty, but much better was got machine for journey on network internet. The Youth at present became much conduct time in social set, constantly upholsterring and training. Each big supermarket has an internal network, in which absolutely gratis possible sit for reading of its e-mail. For such march in shop will much approach MSI Wind12 U230 L...
Foto Lumix DMC-LX5
will In the near future appear new fotocamera from Panasonic under name Lumix DMC-LX5. This model which will change on the market model DMC-LX3. On given foto is installed 63 inch matrixes with permit 10 Mpx. The System of the recognition of the persons in frame progressive innovation, which will in the same way be inherent given device. Particularly follows to notice presence stable systems, which enlarges the quality of the removal. The Syst...
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