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Bees drone will turn pollution into material for 3D printing

Bees drone will turn pollution into material for 3D printing Contaminants in the air of the planet Earth quite a lot, and if you take the fast-paced China, you in this case, the future is almost under threat, clean air is already sorely lacking in large cities. Scientists decided to create a special little drones that will fly in the planet`s atmosphere and collect harmful particles that after collecting will either be disposed of in a special way, or be used as a material for specially designed 3D printers. Something similar was invented by students at one of the universities in Madrid. For his interesting topic they even received the award forum CivilDRON (this event is dedicated entirely to the creation of drones). Like a bee that flits from flower to flower in search of sweet nectar, bees drones will fly around the outskirts from the evidence in search of the contaminants in the air, after a collection of harmful particles, the bees will collect them in special containers for further harmless destruction. Special sensors will monitor locations with a high density of pollution in the air, on a specially designed channel will be the teams for the drone-bees, they will indicate the route. Sensors will be everywhere for the big city, as only in a certain place or leakage of any contamination, bees-drones will be there to fly all at once a huge swarm. The idea is quite good and worth pursuing, because some cities in China are already almost suffocated by dust and soot. By the way, in China such drones have already been developed and partially used. Spanish drones are more intelligent and they will not only collect trash, they will use it in the case. Bees will gather and share what is found at the molecular level and from the thus obtained substance will be on special 3D printers to produce anything from pens and the cups and Cutlery. Not far off, and the time when and pacely drones will be created in these 3D printers and the process of reproduction will be automated Drones will have electric drive and will periodically return to your evidence to recharge. They will collect particles of metal, stored in containers separate zinc, a separate magnesium or potassium, as well will catch from the air the particles of lead and the same to be disposed of. While that is not exactly clear how the experts are going to arrange the recycling of garbage, the idea itself is pretty good.

Bees collect the garbage in large cities

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