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The next Apple smartphone will be called iPhone X

The next Apple smartphone will be called iPhone X At this time, on the Internet all actively discussed the new Samsung, specifically, what yet talking about the new device American brand Apple.
Earlier it was reported that the new Apple device will be called iPhone 8. The user name did not say why, we don`t play for the title, we are playing on the gland and the steeper the hardware and software, the more expensive the phone itself. The hype about the new device based mostly on what is supposed to be the jubilee unit, because for 10 years came the first smartphone, etc. actually all this hype in the world wide web raises the company itself, the manufacturer, to somehow stimulate the interest in the background of catastrophic decline of interest in iPhones. Last year the US company lost a lot in the mobile market and is now trying a little to play their positions, here`s all the hype around new products.
Only the beginning of the year, the new IPhones usually come out in September, so till autumn users memorize all the data on the new gadget. What you write about iPhone 8 it is only advertising and extolling what is not. This is done in order to pull interest from new Samsung, as sales leader in the segment.
We now turn to the basic gossip about the iPhone 8, so many of them that sometimes you start to believe in the herd effect.. There is an opinion that the name iPhone 8 will not be new phone will be called the iPhone X. the Screen is bilateral, the case will be entirely of glass, will be double, good photo camera. The "Home" button on the physical plane you will not see, it will not be simple. Apple CEO Tim cook while in the subject, but that does not reported about this device, apparently also works to stir interest in the new device. Media they only said that the device is at a very early stage of development. Phone every year more and more important in people`s lives and for this reason you need to do it more functional. Nothing new, all the same say and the same way move.
Must be nice to say "Good morning Siri" and your coffee maker starts brewing coffee, of course, if you have it like Tim cook, but much nicer it would be to walk to the kitchen to brew coffee and is helpful and pleasant, and develops laziness and lack of exercise, and not enough electronics that helps. T. cook uses an IPhone to and light in the apartment include a fireplace in brightness regulate, he had it not as a phone but as a "cudgel" on all occasions:))
Everything is good, but not all of the users who have on hands an IPhone house it so cool, like CEO Tim cook, everything in life is much easier than to write and talk. In fact, no electronics what good is human life, and that in a cool wrapper for the most part destroys the person as a physically active being.
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