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Many users TVs tend to think that the TV is spying on them.

Many users TVs tend to think that the TV is spying on them. Modern TVs are not the same TVs. It`s already half-robots that monitor you and give you information according to your mood. Camera read the expression on your face and a special software after some thought decides what you as an advertisement to offer. On the one hand, how would not something terrible, but on the other hand to be deceived in the expectations as something a little like...
If we argue further, in fact we are no longer in the 20th century and in the 21st and we have not only phones are spying on us, but also television sets and microwave ovens and all electrical equipment, which in any case has some clever firmware, special sensors analyze the environment.
Let`s move on and find out how our smart TVs and what they can do?
In the web you can find hundreds of posts where people are afraid that their TV for them as follows.
TV now really "SMART", that is, they are slightly smarter, but this does not mean that an ordinary housewife can`t this TV be deceiving. There is functionality that you need and have which is actually not needed in the homes of the consumer. If you care about your own safety, in this case with the purchase of select models of smart televisions be careful, read the description. Probably very few people like that purchased your TV will track your habits and gestures, and these data will go to the Internet to the advertiser, so that he in turn would send you the advertising that you will be interested in this time.
Important! To steal important information about you are even real. For example, you will not even know that the criminals have already stolen all the data of your banking court and not to withdraw money just because waiting for the right moment... Your data can be used to purchase goods from a foreign country.
And to all these secrets can be using not authorized access to your smart TV.
Smart TV is not only watching the channels you are watching, but also listens to what you say, how you react to the transmission. If you want, you can use a video camera or voice to control your TV. If it is available, the hackers from the network this also enables the intelligent approach to the subject. Here for example a warning from Samsung about the use of smart phones.
Samsung warns: "Please note that if the conversation contains personal information, it will be among the saved data, which will be added as well in the device memory, and data can be accessed through the use of your Voice Recognition".
Probably the best solution is to buy a "Smart" TV, and a good computer and fast Internet connection. Such investment is much more profitable than the first.

Samsung smart tv turning on for the first time SetUp guide manual

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