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The new material converts light, heat and movement into electricity

The new material converts light, heat and movement into electricity So far, we have only a pitiful semblance of what would have been if we went on the technical development. If we went the way of scientific progress and materialism, then we should at least realize that each year, electricity consumption will grow.
We have solar panels, which although low efficiency, but they are. We also have some materials that if briskly compress, you can remove the plates at the poles of a sufficiently high potential. On this principle operate the piezoelectric devices. It`s all we have in a kind of infancy there, but the fact that scientists have recently developed is something completely new, something ambitious and something completely incomprehensible at first glance.
Experimentally, scientists from the University of Oulu have identified a new material which can be of three different types of energy to turn into electricity. This is not an artificial substance, this is a long-studied mineral. If the mineral is used to make glass is used, a certain pressure of the wind you will have to provide some shares of electric energy, if the light of the sun, then you will add more energy. The new glass has the structure of the ferroelectric dipoles, which, when physical changes in the crystal move and thereby create electrical current.
If you want to delve into the subject more thoroughly, it is necessary to start to read the scientific work on the theme Applied Physics Letters, they told how you can force the crystals to convert visible light into electricity. Previously conducted experiments at absolute zero, and later began to try and get the data stable at room temperature. Scientists were able to understand the principle, which lies at the basis of the transformation of light into electricity in crystals. The effect is more pronounced in special crystals and materials. Yet on a special crystal casters and scientists are trying to increase efficiency, but even the fact that in nature there are materials that are already open. In the future on the basis of these specially grown crystals can cost power supplies for low power-consuming portable electronics that will be powered by an internal power supply, and charging to receive from a special crystal that can illuminate or expose to the wind or carried in the pocket and he in all of this will be to constantly produce a certain potential, thereby charging the basis of the power supply module of any handheld device named. I think this is a very interesting discovery.
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