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Is it possible to create something that could be better familiar iPhone*

Is it possible to create something that could be better familiar iPhone* If someone has created and it`s something that someone is that is created brings popularity and lot of money, it is not unique, it is rather a pattern. If you develop the theme in the direction of creation, with the guarantee of 100%, we can safely say that under certain conditions it is possible to build a team that will create something that at times is more useful and more popular, that also was popular and important, but a minute ago......
Developing the topic will inform you that someone decided to create a device, which under certain circumstances can become a much more popular device than the usual Ifrn. I guess it would be hard to imagine the average Athos without the participation of Andy Rubin. An outstanding engineer with an incredible sense of changes in technology environments, he was even in his time among the project stakeholders the Top, but that was before the company was bought by Google in 2005. While the project was taxiing Rubin, Android has rapidly gained weight and became worthy competition for iOS, but in the initial stage, it is still innovative "Axis" lacked good financial kick, which as a result and succumbed to the project Google group.
Android bought, and ambitions Andy Rubin could not buy, and here it is in 2014, leaving the Android project to the free bread and more about it the press or anything special wrote. There are rumors that Andy Rubin is busy developing its own super interesting in all respects smartphone. According to what reported by Bloomberg, the project "ruby" is not fake and is not an empty phrase, it`s real, it embodies a plan for the future. The project involves the creation of portable smartphone with artificial intelligence, it must necessarily be a smartphone, which would be able to make a good competition to IPhone and the OS from Google. The company`s Andy Rubin at this time there are 40 people in the state. What these engineers and programmers are doing hard to say, but with high probability we do not just hear with a positive note in the cases.
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