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Kyocera will build a 13-megawatt solar power plant on the water

Kyocera will build a 13-megawatt solar power plant on the water In order to build a large power plant, which would have accumulated Solar energy, need a big and flat area. In conditions of total shortage of construction land in Japan went up dramatically. Kyocera TCL Solar LLC has decided to place their solar panels on special floating slots in the waters of the big lake. This technology work is not the first year the different companies, but what offer the Japanese company, this is a completely new solution. Guide of Kyocera TCL Solar LLC, which is a joint venture between Kyocera Corporation and Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation, has announced that it will build the station, which will be based on water fields and to generate electricity will use energy from the Sun. It will be the world"s largest floating station, she will be able to generate 13,7 MW of electricity. Just a huge facility to be located on the reservoir Amakura in the city of Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture. Construction has already started in December 2015, the project is large and will take several years to assemble and start. The power plant will consist of approximately 51,000 Kyocera modules located over the water on an area of 180 000 square meters. Stations of this type will not be a threat to even an earthquake of 9 points, which is very important for countries where such disasters occur very frequently and bring a lot of troubles and destructions. The authors of the project expect that such station will be able to generate GWT 16,170 per year, enough to provide electricity to 5000 households. At the same time will save a lot of gas and reduced emissions of carbon dioxide into the surrounding space on 8170 tons each year. This is equivalent to combustion in the furnaces of thermal power plant 19 000 barrels of oil.
This kind of power interest came after in Japan damaged a nuclear reactor wave Left. In the government abruptly changed policy in the field of energy and decided to focus more closely on "green energy". Water surface suits well under such projects, in Japan there are many fields of suitable water for these purposes. In March 2015 Kyocera TCL Solar has built the first such stations, with a capacity of 1.2 and 1.7 MW. In June of the same year and earned the power plant capacity of 2.3 MW, so that successful projects are built and that too will be a success. In Russia too it is possible to build such stations, yet this direction is not actively evolving, all apparently because we have a lot of hydropower plants that are as environmentally friendly production and energy generation does not cost a lot of money. While the energy consumption does not exceed production no one is going to cost something new, and if so, then except in Crimea or somewhere in the far East or anywhere in Russia in the near future or anything like that is not worth to wait!

a Japanese company has built two large solar power plant on the water

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