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Carl Zeiss wants to make a modern smart glasses

Carl Zeiss wants to make a modern smart glasses After the initial wave of noise and enthusiasm, Google Glass in practice has been completely rejected by a mass user, and went for revision to the drawing Board. This happened because of one main reason ? despite all of Google"s attempts to soften the design and make it more familiar, Glass remained strange widget that adds charm to fashionable clothing, it is rather something extra than what is needed and important. Besides can add and security issues, all because on the face of the lack of solid practical applications (except for some used units...), it is not surprising that the widget does not need anyone. Specialists in optics from Carl Zeiss I think I can do better than Google, and may be able to bring hope back to the developers of electronics, which you should wear on your face. As one would expect from a company that is a specialist in the development of lenses of any order, Zeiss not worried about the software, displays and computer accessories. Instead, the company has developed another way to project images on curved lenses. This allows "smart" glasses that look just like ordinary pair of glass eyes, unlike Google Glass. On closer look you can barely distinguish between a change in the lens ? something similar to bifocals, but it is much less catchy than the additional display that is attached to glasses. System from Carl Zeiss is structured as follows: battery, processor and other hardware components integrated into the frame of the prototype. They are connected to a tiny OLED - display in the corner of the glass. The image on this display is projected through a polycarbonate mirror-prism. In practice, a projection appears on the second layer, a very thin screen placed on glass ? this layer can be located anywhere in the center or in the corners of Windows. As mentioned earlier, Carl Zeiss not worried about hardware and software ? the idea is that development can not simply be granted to partners only, the company will propose this decision for the design of images on curved glass ? that is, modern and unobtrusive design. Currently Zeiss adjusts the production cycle process is to make sure that they can produce such massively lenses and that they cost not a fortune. The next step is cooperation partners, and by 2017 should reach a market ready product that anyone can buy and wear, and does not look like the Scarecrow from Google.
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