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  • How much does our galaxy weigh?
  • How many abandoned planets are there in our galaxy?
  • Scientists are teaching a special algorithm for better search of radio galaxies in automatic mode
  • Scientists on the occasion discovered what the a substance or material directly alongside huge black hole
  • The TESS orbital telescope took its first photo, capturing about 200,000 stars in one shot!
  • The knowledge of mankind will be sent to the moon
  • In the Kuiper belt found a unique celestial body
  • The Dutch want to build space ships from asteroids
  • Disaster film Geostorm
  • Thor Ragnarok film tale, even more Comedy:)
  • Quantum mechanics, a set of tricky theories
  • How does normal fall in the bosom of a Black hole?
  • Auto Elon Musk was out of sight
  • How was the Andromeda galaxy formed?
  • The Series Lucifer
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