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The Architecture of the individual houses

The Architecture of the individual houses
The Architecture of the individual houses

The Architecture of the individual houses and cottages. In the last 10-20 years in Russia and not only exists the boom a construction quotient of the houses. Kottedzhnoe construction vastly decreased in connection with crisis, however crisis not eternal and Russia gradually comes alive. Live on its land in its own house this empty-handed not comparable pleasure. The Rest on comfortable territory near building restores power and health, so necessities in our age of the high velocities. This article is dedicated to architecture of the individual cottages. Many unless all, want that architecture of his building was individual, pleased the eye. The Good architecture and exterior of the building and area this subject to pride owner.
The Majority of the individual houses and cottages are built in classical stiletto that is to say not referring nor to one direction, but universal. The Classical style this simplicity, comfort, functional. The Exterior of the houses in classical stiletto pretty good, however about it possible to say: Usual house, Usual cottage . Absolute majority of the cottages and houses is built In classical stiletto. The Architecture of the wooden houses from tree.
The Architecture of these houses is conditioned constructive particularity. The Main building material in them this tree, processed on tool tree. For determined project prepares the kit tree with made cup in the field of building. Brevenchatyy house of the manual chopping to do the more. The Minced house will much more  simply be in architectral plan and without bells and whistles. Due to system computer aided design (SCADA) possible build the house from with any complex architectral forms. The project in the beginning s For each building on computer, then the kit round tree on drawing. The more complex architectral forms please the eye.
The Canadian style. This architectral style came from USA and Canada. The Canadian buildings often have unadulterated structure. In canadian stiletto are present the cascades of the roofs, greater window, different decorative elements on window and pediment. The Canadian architectral style arose in North America and emphasized the wellfare and success migrant from Europe.
Minimalizm, Hay-Tek.
In this stiletto main simplicity and function. Much attention are spared direct and fluent line. The Design, including, is built on play of the light and shade.
The European style.
The European architectral style this relative of the canadian houses. This conservative, modest and however very graceful style. In Europe land less and she more expensive, than in North America, and this is reflected in European architecture. The Internal space efficient in used. Often use the comfortable direct floors, vertical square window. Butt ofen in houses uses brick.
Retro style.
The Whole this architectral style is imbrued historian. In this stiletto to incarnate trends of the architecture XIX begin XX age. In house with such architecture uniquely it is necessary to select the respective interior. In medicine to be taken externally to decorating often match the dark tone and white colour.
New style.
The Native land this stiletto Germany, Austria, Switzerland. The Architecture this stiletto because of the constructive particularities this frame house. In medicine to be taken externally to decorating unadulterated elements are painted in dark colour, but rest barriering covering in white. At present possible do external facing with imitation under new style. The House built in new stiletto, exactly will not look like others and will be a flavor.
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