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If you have a desire, then build your own sauna at home is not a problem

If you have a desire, then build your own sauna at home is not a problem If you think that the sauna at home to build a whole problem, then in this case you do not believe in yourself and that everything in this world depends and is subject to your desire. There is a will, and the rest will be, as the proverb says.
On the one hand, the construction of the sauna house is a painstaking process, the construction is not simple, but on the other hand, if you approach the case wisely, there is nothing so complicated or impossible. It is important that the structure turned out good and you were comfortable to bathe in it. If you do everything correctly, with a 100% guarantee your sauna will become the most popular meeting place for your friends. It is necessary to begin construction with determination of a place under construction. Sauna can be in one of the premises of the house, in the apartment, as well as a separate building somewhere in any corner of the plot. It is necessary to build a sauna from environmentally friendly material in order to receive from procedures not harm, but pleasure. The sauna has high humidity, there is also a high temperature. The room must meet all the criteria and requirements. Very often, the sauna is built as a detached building, it can be for example next to a pond or somewhere near a well or a stream, so that the procedures can be carried out more contrast. A sauna is built for everybody who likes light sauna which can be long and sitting down to sweat and lose weight. Who likes dry and hot in the sauna, someone loves the bath, with wet steam, and someone prefers something in between. Therefore, we build on the basis of their urgent requests. You can build a sauna from anything, the main thing is to fill the interior with wood with a thickness of about 12 mm. It should not be softwood, as often at high temperatures it flows with resin, it is not always pleasant. Now, if you take for example for trim boards from canadian fir or cedar or Nordic spruce, but previously well dried, these boards replacement will not be simple. Choose boards without a knot and without resin stains. Between the wall and the boards need a layer of insulation, use mineral wool. Foam plastic can not be used. If you use mineral wool as a insulation, its layer should be at least 50 mm, ideally 100 mm. By the way and polystyrene does not fit, it is at a high temperature floats and loses its properties. If you properly isolate the steam room itself, the temperature in it will last longer, and in order to steam enough will not need a lot of firewood.
If you are building your sauna from wooden blocks, using logs, then in a sauna is not worth doing the insulation at all. Some believe that if the sauna in the house, it means you need to do water insulation. All this is a delusional idea, the sauna is the driest part of a large house, if you have it in the building of the house. All moisture in the sauna flows to the bottom, the floor is the wettest place in the sauna, the floor must withstand moisture and high temperature. Ideally, of course the tree, but can be something else, but not synthetic. Floors should not be slippery, mats made of rice mats to put, something that it was not slippery. If the floor of the boards, it must be impregnated with varnish, which does not evaporate at elevated temperatures and keep the floor boards from absorbing moisture. If the sauna you will have a drain, then do it in the other corner, on the stove. So as not to stink when the hot air will go to the top, it will delay the stench from the sewage, and this should not be allowed. If you are in the steam room and are going to play cards, you need to think about how and ventilation, and if only steamed, it is in principle not needed. If, however, will make the outlet, do it properly, so the sauna was always dry and wouldn`t start the fungus from the dampness. It is best to do a forced ventilation and tie it on the humidity sensor. This approach will help to keep the room is always dry and ready to use. In the sauna light should not be bright, it is desirable to use an underwater network 12V, then you will not be afraid of electric shock. Mount the lamps so that they shone directly in the eyes, and still fairly well lit room saunas. If you want to put a lamp over the stove, then think about how to protect it from excessive heat. Everything else to taste, watch the video and realize your dream.
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