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Bioengineers are going to grow in laboratories meatballs

Bioengineers are going to grow in laboratories meatballs In order to eat at this time, at least need to have products and wish to do some cooking. If you have money and time, you can go to a restaurant and there enjoy any dish to choose from. Now all natural, all just fail to make out what this is that is grown in a test tube, but what will happen in the future, hard to say...
Someone from the fiction in his works, wrote that in the distant future will stand throughout the city by special machines in which, protein and different amino acids on the fly will create tasty meals. That it will be serving no one argues, but on the issue of nutrition and taste can be set a little bet, although there taste buds masterfully deceived and with 100% guarantee can be argued that the meals will all like it very much so.
As for the TV transmission "Sign of quality" and tested the boiled dumplings, which I liked? So ironically, those dumplings which were made of meat or who are not liked, and those in which Luke was more than the norm and soy concentrate, turned out to be extremely popular. Here is the answer to the next question, "Will there be delicious food which will in future print the culinary 3D printers".
Science now says that to grow in vitro in the laboratory a piece of lamb no problem. Technically, the technology is at the finishing level, and not one company in the world is considering the possibility of growing meat in such a unique way. Chicken and beef so here`s a laboratory way have to get succeeded, and now the case for pork. On this task employs a large team of scientists in Memphis in the firm`s lab Memphis Meats. The company has already announced the creation of a special reactor in which to grow massively pork and beef and then that meat would go on sale and eventually gets into our stomach. In the company of Memphis Meats is only saying that it will be sold to specially selected customers. At the initial stage the company plans to create a grain that will grow the usual meatballs. Called this miracle unit "Mak Post", it has many companies have shown interest, although the cost of it at an early stage declared simply astronomical - 330 000 dollars. Now the company is ready to please the world that soon will be able to create a harvester that will grow from the stem cells of the pieces of beef. This futuristic technology at this stage already divided opinion into two camps. Some argue that the animals now would not need to kill to cook well-done piece of meat. Others believe that it is not necessary to follow that path and turn a natural process.
Maybe it will be profitable in the future, but everything depends on the price of this updated piece of meat. To raise one cow now everything is calculated from the water and to the size of the pastures, but on the new technologies is still very vague. Probably all because the technology of growing meat in laboratory conditions at an early stage, it should still work, there are many technical subtleties need to be overcome to create flow such a unique and nutritious product. The tissues of the animal meat contain the circulatory system, and a new beef is without capillaries, the new meat won`t be so saturated with oxygen and natural freshness at least. And the pieces of meat grown in laboratories is very thin, they the idea even fry problematic, not that some of them have to cook. All is not effective and very expensive if released in large quantities. The environment in which this meat have to be kept till it is grown also in need of maintenance and costs for the cultivation of meat is now used a special serum, which is extracted from animal blood. It turns out that this "soup" of the animals is very, very expensive at that stage to even get, not to mention the fact, that some of it still to produce. If suddenly scientists will be able to remove from the production chain of animal components, it will be a completely disruptive technology, but this still live and live! So that one was kind of salivating and who wanted some meatballs out of the tube, You will need to wait a little longer, that way 20 years or more, so scientists have created something new and more acceptable to implement.
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