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    Sample essays :: Environment

    Dangerous Consequences of Lead Poisoning

    Most of the people are aware of what lead itself is, this is a metal, but a highly toxic one, which can really do harm to health, especially to children and infants, more seldom to grown-ups as well. This problem is far not new and many years children were suffering from lead effect, even modern researches, made in 2004 for example show that there are more than 400 000 children, who have excess of lead in their blood. The lead comes to the person's body through inhalation of dust or swallowing some lead things. Some very high dose of lead could cause immediate health worsening, but in most cases the lead gets slowly inside the human's body and though one could not see some obvious symptoms of the poisoning, lead causes some serious health problems in some time. Proper attention should be paid to children, as it influences badly the child's nerves and brains, and sometimes even results in low IQ level. Children are lucky to touch the things with lead dust and then it gets into stomach from their fingers or they even swallow some lead object. If to name the main sources of lead we should mention: household dust, deteriorating pain, air, drinking water, food, ceramics, hair dyes, some types of cosmetics. The most common and serious source of it is still the lead paint, which can be mostly found at some old houses. Until the year 1978 people usually used the lead paint for their houses. Nowadays about 38 million houses in the USA still contain this paint. But people do not either see or feel or smell it and this worsens the situation. Lead is able to do harm to different parts of the body and thus the following are the main symptoms of the lead poisoning:
    • - aggressive behavior
    • - no appetite and low energy
    • - problems with sleeping
    • - ften headache
    • - anemia
    • - when the dose was high people could experience abdominal pain or even vomiting, muscle weakness or by a terrible high dose – coma.

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    • Hi, thank you very much for the work that you did for me, I really liked the style of the writer and all the facts were presented in the concrete and precise form, it was absolutely not difficult to cope with huge amount of information for the topic!

      Leo, USA

    • My friend told me about this service, at the beginning I didn't want to try it, but when the paper was really urgent, I asked for help here and I received my paper just in time not to fail the exam. Thank you, sorry, don't know the name of the writer.

      Patrick, USA

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