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An essay on the topic of happiness what is happiness?

An essay on the topic of happiness  what is happiness? Happiness is a world without problems in the literal sense of the word, there are worries, they are as if they will be, no one has canceled them, but they are no longer a burden, but a joy. You want to take care, be happy, everything is fine with you, everything is just fine, and most importantly, you have enough physical and mental strength for everything.
To be in a state of happiness on our catastrophically inferior in the spiritual understanding of the world is a great work, life will pile so many problems on you that even with all the desire, any healthy and relatively successful person can break down. Only when all the problems disappear for a moment, a person becomes happy for a split second. Being constantly happy will not work, it is impossible in principle with a healthy lifestyle.
People are used to stimulating their consumption zones, and businesses, in turn, are stimulating them much more actively. As a result, if you are addicted to consumption, then you are happy on this basis. When you are given a bonus at work, you are happy, when you were given attention or a gift, you are happy again. If no one gives gifts and attention, and this attention is required as oxygen for a happy life, then we go to the store and buy something for ourselves. If the item is expensive or very expensive, then we are happy with the price. There is a certain price dependence on happiness, the more money you invest in buying yourself a loved one, the happier. In fact, this is true, but in reality it is a substitute for a sense of freedom and happiness.
In reality, you can become happy only when you are independent of your consumer qualities to the maximum. It is on this principle that the perception of the world by spiritual teachers in various religious teachings is based.
If you look at it from an esoteric and physical point of view, then happiness is a kind of energy that we can produce ourselves, or we can consume from the outside. In principle, it is possible to constantly develop it, but for this you need to have a special, enlightened mind and consciousness that is completely incompatible with the one that is being brought up by the reality of our world. SIMPLY put, to be 100% happy, at least for a moment, you need to leave this reality and find yourself in a different world, in a world where everything is as you want, everything is as you want and where you are in the desired mood.
Some people drink alcohol and become happy for a moment, others like to dream reading books and just in moments of such activity it seems that you seem to be a happy person, you have everything, there are no problems and you are healthy, it remains only to lie and dream about the impossible...
But since happiness is a kind of energy, you need to take it somewhere. There are Eastern spiritual practices that allow people to be happy in an empty place. PAY attention to the followers of God Krsna. These people are always in a good mood, singing, dancing and doing well. This is also a state of happiness, so to speak, these people have learned to draw the energy of happiness from prayers from space. Isn't the easiest way to be happy?
There is another way to gain the energy of happiness, this way is inherent in public figures, those who speak to the public and enter the public with their actions in a state of good mood. In response, of course, the audience does not pay with the energy of attention, which the singer, artist quite skillfully remakes, or rather transforms into the energy of happiness. All artists live by this principle, they are not happy without the audience and its energy.
Here in one of the examples I have shown that the state of happiness is when you are connected to the flow of a certain energy, happiness, and so in the end always be happy, you need to learn how to manage this connection, and this is the topic of another, completely different conversation. Hello and see you soon.

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