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Phone in the earth

Phone in the earth I`ve recently watched on YouTube a diverse nonsense from Prokopenko, then from Anna Chapman, and then another for a snack looked 56 in the movie theme "Mysteries of mankind". I watch them not because anything I have to believe and not because is that has created this informational soup in order to distract my attention from diverse pressing problems. If these movies were not, people would not be developing. In an ideal environment, all dies, because there is no incentive to live.. In General, I was looking for in these videos the answer to one question, how could get the phone in the past, more mobile (in the photo he is not quite similar to ours, but I still saw the first cell phone model of Nokia. Instead of numbers any characters, but it`s the little things of life.) So how did this cell came to the past? Or is it mister Prokopenko has invented a beautiful story, so I`m not bored to live?
Really reflect on the subject, I came to very different levels of knowledge. As it turned out there are online lot of things are not so easy to find, but it is clearly there. These people with their theories almost explain the possibility of getting a phone in the other time slices.
By the way, Prokopenko from Ren TV there is a movie about the watch that I found in the boneyard of the ancient Emperor in China. Watch was even a room and found out when and where they were made. The burial ground of 3,000 years, and the watch was created in Switzerland in the 19th century. Here is the incident of life. Assume that the personal belongings of the Emperor got this watch by accident, then arguing you can also imagine a situation where in the burial ground of the Emperor and got the phone. It is really could. If the phone is not like the usual solution, it is likely that he came from a world with greater or lesser frequency. In General, everything is just like, but to understand it all hard. And you know why it is difficult to understand? Yes, because we learn in a textbook, but life is written completely in another language. So for example, if mankind has gone through improved, we would have already fed to the energy (ether is converted in the body would be in the required nutrients, the way some yoga from India this has reached enlightenment, so it`s not a tale but a real story). At this level of development is possible without difficulty having developed a third eye to watch a movie at the cinema without getting out of bed. Cool? If so, then why is computer and network? Apparently we`re going development, which eventually will destroy us. Us to change a race of artificial creatures, it will be robots with intelligence, who will live forever and be able to create and work meringue lunch break. On the one hand it`s cool, but on the other hand we are no longer there and it is at least sad:(( If we compare the development of a biological organism with a technically developed system based on electronics. In principle, the first is more compact while the second is less subject to external influence. Each discipline has its own charms. In General, if you come across some absolutely not clear artefact in the ancient layers, and it is similar to a modern cell phone, it obviously got there from the distant future, when time travel will be a piece of cake, and drunk tourists in the past will lose not only a watch but also a phone, and we have them in our time will find and wonder how it can be? From where the layers of soil, which is 200 million years find a chain made of gold?? Or how is it that in Mexico, at a depth in the mine find toys for children who are 2 million years?? That still and it turns out that in the future is clearly probably human, and the robots did not appreciate all that you take with you in the past:)) or someone specially tricky throws in the past mobile phones, so we scratched turnip and thought where did all come from.

Archaeologists found in the Ground phone

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