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Sample essays :: Literature

1. Destroying power of jealousy.

(based on Othello , Shakespeare)

"Othello" is one of the greatest tragedies written by Shakespeare between 1603 and 1604. This story combines all hate, love, evil in it. The tone of the story is tragic and serious. But there isn't any point of view because this is a play and a play doesn't normally have a narrator, the play describes how even an honest and noble man can be manipulated so that he is able to kill a person whom he loves. This is one of the most popular of Shakespeare's tragedies and even those, who haven't read it, know the main plot of the story - of the victimization suffered by the tragic character Othello. Othello is a noble Moor, a black one, who managed to attract the attention of a white Venetian women Desdemona and they got married. Age, race, upbringing were standing between them but they managed to overcome all these difficulties and obstacles and managed to become happy together. But Jago poisoned the mind of Othello by the idea that his wife has betrayed him, he did it out of anger and jealousy about the lieutenancy position he wanted to achieve. The imaginary world, created by Shakespeare is as always perfect such a simple object as a handkerchief is so meaningful containing so much of greed, love, fidelity. Love and hate have always been great themes for literature, being absolute opposites, they are so closely related to each other in "Othello". It is clear that the antagonist of the story is Jago and his hatred causes him to do everything possible to destroy love of the protagonist hero Othello, which finally leads to the deaths. The story is about blindness also, as every human suffers from it in this or that sense. Othello sets a most enduring tragedy on himself and people surrounding him, even his love. The mind of Othello is not that difficult, he is not used to the products of civilized life and he has little experience about women. He is a noble man and is not deprived of dignity and pride. He is very emotional, moreover he is occupied with passion, love for him is absolute, he would not agree for something withered. If he loves he loves with all his passion, if his trusts- he trusts with all his soul, and is he is jealous he is jealous and angry with all his self. Jealousy is a sophisticated emotion and one of the ugliest - person poisons his soul and his heart with it and usually does harm to himself and his love and others around him. One can even have the feeling that he is eager to find the proves that his Desdemona cheated on him. And his own passion leads to the fact that he is so easily fooled by Jago. Othello is made an outsider with the help of the colour of his skin, it is not only some racial meaning in it, the author could have changed the country and the colour of his skin and his nationality. Not only is the depth of the passion a bright moment about the play but also the presentation of the characters. They are all remarkable enough: noble Othello, gentle and sweet Desdemona, villain Jago, good natured Cassio they are all so distant from each other. The characters of Othello and Jago form vivid contrast, moreover their features of character and the shades of their inner worlds are lifted to an extreme degree.

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  • Where to order not expensive essay?
  • Santiago loves sea and go fishing
  • Yuriy Nikolaevich Rerih is a Star.
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