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Essay-summer is my favorite time of the year!

Essay-summer is my favorite time of the year! Each season, and there are only four of them, has its own charms. I love each period of the year in its own way, where I like snow and sledding, where the harvest, at some stage of the year I like to give life by planting seedlings in the garden. Each period has its own personal opinion and in this essay I will try to tell you what attracts me in the summer months*
Who does not ask about the summer season, everyone likes it! In the warm summer months, nature shows a riot of colors in full force, everything is already green, green is not just at the stage of active growth, but in the stage of flowering. The trees are all dressed in their usual attire, the animals have changed their skins, and people have changed their warm felt boots for flip-flops.
The street seemed to come to life, dogs barking, crows cawing, janitors swearing removing a lot of garbage from humanity.
In summer, everything is the same for a person as in another period of the year, only some responsibilities disappear, but they are replaced by new ones, perhaps not so difficult, but they are also in the summer and there are not so few of them. Work sea, but also relax after it in the buzz, near the river, on vacation you can go to the sea, there are a great many options. Warmth relaxes, makes life easier.
Life in the heat is much more convenient than in the cold and there is no need to be modest. Of course, we will not consider some desert areas of Kyrgyzstan, the town of Tash-Kumyr, although in such a climatic hell, people are in a good mood in summer. If you do not overdo it, you will never get a sunstroke, and you will always love the summer season. Probably the most important word that first comes to mind and is associated with summer is of course heat.
Heat always accelerates the passage of time. In chemistry, all reactions in a warm environment are more active, in human life everything is not much different.
When it is warm in the yard, all processes change more actively, most of all shades of environmental variability can be noticed on plants. At first, they turn a little green, then straighten the crown and cover themselves with flowers, and as a result, we see fruits and berries on the branches, which are expected to please us with their taste palette. Who doesn't like peaches or strawberries? There are probably no such people...
Summer is a sweet time, you can go to the forest for mushrooms or berries. You can collect raspberries, lingonberries and rosehip, just in abundance. When you go on a quiet hunt, the trophies can be different. I most of all like to collect mushrooms, to roam where it seems to me that no human foot has set foot for at least a dozen years.
What else do I associate with summer time? Of course, with light clothing. I most of all in the winter dream to throw off a fur coat and felt boots, in the cold season I dream of warmth and light clothing.
If in winter all fur coats are gray, then in summer all clothes are colorful, all look different in different ways. Nature blooms and a person dresses in a theme. Summer clothes are cool, the body breathes, the skin is tanned in open places, it's not hot - just complete comfort.
Earlier in my essay, I briefly mentioned summer as an opportunity to relax in nature. Any phrase with the word "Relax" sounds at least encouraging. Probably for this reason, everyone tends to go on vacation in the summer, and if the boss moves the vacation to the fall, then this is akin to some kind of punishment.
In the summer, you can go on vacation to the country and simultaneously rest to prepare for the winter cucumbers, tomatoes and berry jam. Probably if you dig around and look carefully for something else positive in the summer period, I am 100% sure that the list can be continued indefinitely. Everyone loves summer in their own way and everyone has their own accounts with the warm summer months.

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