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An essay on the topic Spring has come the sliver of the joy it has brought

An essay on the topic Spring has come the sliver of the joy it has brought When I was little, I remembered spring by its smell and greenery. Over the years, as it sniffed to see, or something in the world has changed, but the smell of Spring is so clearly no longer there, although the greenery still continues to please.
I still love spring as much as before, probably only because I miss the warmth and greenery, because after the cold winter cold, I want to feel warm. So this year the frosts seem to have ended and according to the calendar it should already be spring, but it seems that autumn has come to visit and is waiting for spring to eat:) Rain, slush this is not spring, this is clearly autumn.
Spring in 2020 begins with rain and slush, but even in such conditions, everything breathes freshness and grows greener. In some places on the hills far from the houses there is snow, especially a lot of it where the paths were cleaned and snow was put in piles, but even there spring will soon spring up, because streams and rain will quickly cope with snow.
Streams flow in time with the mood, the children let matches on the water and are happy that they no longer need to sit at home for days, that they can walk, have fun and enjoy Sunny days.
For some reason, at such moments I remember the lyrics of the song "Spring is coming, spring is dear! Birds fly from the South, the same ones that have sat on the branches from winter, chirping happily begging for seeds. The day seems warm, the Sun supports the Spring, but as soon as the Sun goes down, then you feel that Winter has not yet gone, it is for a moment hidden from the scorching warm rays. Night comes and you want to sleep, it's cold and chilly, but when you fall asleep you already know and are sure that tomorrow it will be Sunny again and the birds will chirp new trills. The alarm clock is no longer needed, Wake up sweating singing bluebirds and sparrows as it is more pleasant. To keep up with the swollen buds on the trees to watch the riot of nature, I usually cut young shoots from Linden trees and put them in a jar with water. Spring in this case, I have a separate window sill starts much earlier than in the nearest yards. There is no wind in the apartment, it is warm, the kidneys quickly swell and delight with the smell of fintocides. On the street, at this time, the breeze sways the trees and leaves rustle pleasantly reminding us that this is irrevocable, for at least half a year we are provided with heat.
What else does Spring tell us? Of course, the morning drops. During the night, everything freezes on the roof, and as the sun rises, drops begin to knock on the windowsill and this is not just an ordinary drum roll, this is something like a choir with its Alto, soprano and bass. In my free time, I enjoy walking in the fresh air and watching the riot of colors in nature. Everything quickly starts with green, then there are arrows of shoots, then they are covered with foliage and everything around changes from gray to green tones. If you get into the forest at this time, then all the charms of Spring are felt at times more contrasting, you go along the forest path and the soul rejoices. The leaves on the trees are still small and the sun is peeking through the crowns of the trees sending us sunbeams, they are like real white jerboa jumping on a barely green clearing. Although the glades are still bare, but in places where the ground warms up well during the day, you can already see the spring growth of snowdrops. Collect them is not worth it, it is better to enjoy how they grow and evoke the smell of warmth and spring.
Who created nature was clearly wise, because every time the season changes, something positive and expected comes, something that makes you happy in a new way and encourages you to live. In spring it's green, in Winter it's snow and ice rides, in summer it's time for swimming and fishing, and in autumn it's harvest time. Each season is unique in its own way, but I still like Spring the most, it is the most long-awaited time of the year.

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