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The essay - That Autumn and rain pounding on the roofs, it's Fall and fly sheets..

The essay - That Autumn and rain pounding on the roofs, it's Fall and fly sheets.. Autumn usually comes gradually, fall not to include the bulb in the hallway, everything in nature occurs regularly and at all desire will not work in the summer are asleep Wake up fall and marvel at the riot of colors, although at times Oh how I want.
It's summer, and autumn is only a few days away, but this does not prevent you from imagining the autumn season in all its colors. In the beginning of September, there are still plenty of Sunny days, it is warm outside during the day, and cool at night. The sky is mostly clear of clouds, and rain is not even thought of yet. But not everything remained summer-like, the wind became sharper, cooler, sometimes dressing in summer in an instant you feel that it is quite cold, that you need to at least dress warmer.
The yellow colors of the foliage are not yet clearly visible in the crowns of the trees, but if you carefully study the area, then in some places the autumn withered leaves still hang from the branches of almost green trees. Another month will pass and the leaves will begin to fall in a wave, all the stitches and paths will be covered with reddened and yellowed foliage.
In the fields and in the crowns of trees, birds are clearly chirping, gathering in flocks for a long flight. Heat-loving starlings and storks fly away first. Some birds fly away, others arrive, but they will not chirp so joyfully in the cold.
A little later, somewhere in late October, the sky is almost every morning covered with a veil of clouds, if there is no rain in the morning, then it will be by lunch, if not, then the night will definitely be with a drum roll on the windowsills. If the wind suddenly rises, the clouds fly like fluff in different directions and puddles under the sun's heat quickly dry up. For a moment, it feels like summer is back.
During the day, you can still walk in a shirt, but later in the evening it may freeze, so you have to dress in autumn in hoodies and warm trousers. In the morning, going to work or school, you feel that it is somehow uncomfortable around, cold and there is no cheerfulness in the mood. This is the autumn time, even in the body, metabolic processes slow down and there comes its own autumn time. No matter how you look at it, you still need to jump out of bed ...
It is cool outside, sometimes even cold, and the sky is usually clear and slightly gray during these periods. If there are clouds, they are flat and very high. The wind seems to be nostalgic for warmth and actively blows in the morning, dispersing low clouds.
Autumn is the time of ripening berries and fruits, sometimes you can see an interesting picture… There are no leaves on the tree, and the berries hang in clusters delighting the birds. If the berries are somewhere low from the ground, then the forest animals also eat them.
The gardens and fields smell of apples and fresh hay, but if you are in the village, and the stone jungle is different, there is nothing to smell except gasoline and street smoke. You look at the gray sky and run quickly to the office to bury yourself in papers and do your work falling asleep on the go. Autumn in the city of Ney shines with a special aroma and colors, you can see it, but you can also see that the nature of the city bypasses.
Where there is a forest and a river, tai will always find an amazing place from which you can see the edge of the forest and the forest at a glance. In such fabulous places, it's best to watch autumn.
Autumn time is not an eternal dance of falling leaves, when this riot comes to an end and the whole earth is covered with a blanket of snow, but this hour is still far away, because November is in full swing. Indian summer is over, cold weather is ahead.
In November, the forest is already empty, boring and almost nothing to do. Berries, if there are anywhere on the twigs, then these are real tears, everything is already collected or fallen. At night, every other day it is frosty, on the day it is cloudy and rainy, this is exactly the same autumn time in full swing. If you want to see autumn in all its glory, then this time has already passed, around the grayness, slush and Oh, how you want winter, so that finally the puddles froze, so as not to wash your shoes every time you come from the street, so as not to carry an umbrella over and over again and finally blind the long-awaited snow woman. Autumn is gone, but the doors have not closed yet...

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