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Yuriy Nikolaevich Rerih is a Star.

Yuriy Nikolaevich Rerih is a Star. Yuriy Nikolaevich Rerih is a Star. The 16 August in 1902 in settle Okulovka Novgorodskoy area was born Yuriy Nikolaevich Rerih. The A great deal in his lifes see was predestined. And the main his great mission. The Family, in which he was born, ancestor, both on father, and on maternal line, already this, softly dialect, to many obliged. It is Enough to say that his father Nikolay Konstantinovich Rerih, sort its leads from Ryurikovichey. One of his limit was a swedish general and in due course get up on service to reign Petru. So his second native land and became Russia. On maternal line, in the girlhood Shaposhnikovoy Eleny Ivanovny, also were a people with world popularity. The Great-great-grandfather Eleny Ivanovny was a great russian milinary leader Mihail Illarionovich Golenischev Kutuzov, winner Napoleona in Domestic war 1812. Genialinyy russian composer Musorgskiy was her uncle.
Since early years, due to unbringing the parents Yuriy Nikolaevich began to learn the a great deal in science art, culture and spirit. The Special role played in this ma, possessed by fine scent, exquisite taste, talent of the teacher. In infancies and ?????????? Yuriy Nikolaevich together with parent and younger brother Svyatoslavom Nikolaevichem much travelled on European part of Russia and Karelii that subsequently in his further life to him much was useful.
The Talented person talented in all, states the saying. More so talented. In adolescence Yuriy Nikolaevich quite well drew. His work (canvas, engravings, outlines) were more original, but unlike great father and brother talented artist, he has elected the way other. On concurrence circumstance family turned out to be outside the native lands during revolution, and with early adolescence Yuriy Nikolaevich veins and got formation in France and USA. Much early in he opened the faculty for languages and to culture of the Orient that see and known his the most further life. He became the prominent orientalist (indolog, tibetolog, good nown mongoloid peoples and etc.). Has Possessed thirty languages, as nearly all european, so and east amongst which the most rare. Later he will become irreplaceable in study Tibeta, Mongolia, some province Kitaya, India, Manichzhurii, USA. Much early, practically right after completions of the training, at twenty-one years he became the handhold in deal of the families, father and full-grown. The Biography of this person, either as geography to his lifes (but in the event of with him these two notions indivisible), unique, either as his creative heritage, either as he itself. Not many from geniuses mankind to manage so combine the unity and variety, gifts and simplicity, modesty, reliability, devotion, industry and capacity to work.
The Acknowledgement more then eloquent can serve at least published tibetan-mongolian-english-russian dictionary, many chapter earlier not existed. And this not single from his works rightfully considering titanic. Much works and studies him is done in the field of the studies of a particular region, mineralogies, plant growing, ornithologies and others Working in India and Europe, USA and SOVIET UNIONS, Mongolia and China he all their own knowledges and power returned the main serving mankind. Remaining tireless worker, scientist, researcher, specialist in many area, he was a handhold to families. Keen, gentile and loving son for his great parents, nearest other for younger brother and simply remarkable persons for all who had happiness his know, with him to work or at least communicate.
Such as Yuriy Nikolaevich Rerih evolution mankind moves. And if the world advanced on way of the rapport, rapprochements of the cultures and folk then in this considerable share ?????? and such stars of the first value. Such became the star that was lighted;litted and will long be all us to shine and name of this star Yuriy Nikolaevich Rerih.
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