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Sample essays :: Medicine

Hello, world!
1. Marijuana - to smoke or not to smoke.

The problem of marijuana is a controversial one, but there are for sure several strong reasons why it should not be banned. If we tackle this matter from the philosophical point of view, the first reason would be the fact that there is in reality no good reason for it to be illegal. The question "why should marijuana be legalized?" could be as well asked in a different way, i.e. " why should it be illegal?". Actually all people have their own freedom of choice and thus the government and the state laws are to restrict their actions only if they do harm to others. In the case of marijuana an individual chooses either to use or not to use marijuana according to his own will and wish. It is also very important that marijuana is far less dangerous than most other drugs, which are legal, for example alcohol and tobacco. So, the conclusion of this argument is - as long as a person does no harm to others, this stays his own private choice whether to use marijuana or not.Another argument for making marijuana legal concerns financial side. If to make marijuana legal it would be possible to save a lot of money for the government. For example in the USA all levels of government take part in the so-called "War on Drugs". "We currently spend billions of dollars every year to chase peaceful people who happen to like to get high. These people get locked up in prison and the taxpayers have to foot the bill. We have to pay for food, housing, health care, attorney fees, court costs, and other expenses to lock these people up. This is extremely expensive!" Besides if the marijuana were legal the government could gather taxes from it and use the money for some really effective drug programs. Another tough argument that could be mentioned is that in reality the prohibition doesn't help and is not a real obstacle for selling, buying and using marijuana. We could talk here about first of all the notion of "forbidden fruit" which attracts young people, some of them feel the desire to try it just because it is not legal. Marijuana is really widespread at most American schools, one doesn't have to be 21 to buy it, as dealers are not interested in the child's age they are interested in the money they get for it. It is a well-known fact that the experience with alcohol prohibition failed completely, it is clear that the same situation will be with prohibition of marijuana. All this doesn't mean that the government should simply close eyes and do nothing about drug-addiction problems, but there are some better and more effective ways like education and treatment, instead of prohibition and imprisonment.


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Want to be sound, so be him, in than question?
Health this that nor for what money do not bathe and pertain to its health it is necessary with the whole responsiblity. The Coasts health since the youth, so states the public wisdom. Else apropos, there is good proverb Late to drink if buds were ed . Here is I and has solved exactly since to health it is necessary to pertain respectfully yours to create in its blog section about health. The Human organism he either as any unit seasonly conks...
Cystic fibrosis (CF) as one of the most common genetic diseases.
3. Cystic fibrosis (CF) as one of the most common genetic diseases. (abstract) ...This is an inherited disease, it affects both children and adults. It occurs approximately in one of 3.300 births. The average lifespan for people with this disease is about 30 years. The researches conducted by Cystic Fibrosis Foundation show that there are:"about 30.000 Americans, 3.000 Canadians, and 20.000 Europeans, who have CF.1 out of 20 Americans is a...
Modern contraception
Modern contraception Postcoital contraception includes the methods used to prevent pregnancy taken after sexual intercourse. Theses are urgent measures which include combination oral contraceptives, high dose estrogens, danazol, and IUDs. The effectiveness of this method is very high but it causes serious hormonal changes and can not be used often. This method should be used during 72 hours after the unprotected sexual intercourse and suppor...
Engineers from IBM are trying to build artificial neuron
Scientists have created artificial neurons and stimulate them randomly, it works about as well as neural circuits in the human brain. Computers are often compared with artificial brain, now researchers from IBM give a new meaning to this comparison, they managed to create an artificial neuron. Research center technology giant Zurich has created 500 of these neurons for simulation of signal transmission that is similar to the one that is transmit...
What is that bronze tan? And how to buy it?
What we in the Crimea in Feodosiya get a tan from the Sun is from the right side, but in fact it is difficult to say that such a judgment is true, because if you rely on the calculations of scientists from England and the US, tan we get from the integrated radiation. This ultraviolet light from the Sun and intergalactic radiation, too. What tan was the most popular? River? No! Sea? Yes! But the sea still needs to be bronzed!...
Genetic engineering has shown the connection between the fins and hand
The technology of gene editing is a useful topic in medicine. Most genetic engineering is still associated with conventional medical practice, at least so it turns out. Scientists from the University of Chicago used CRISPR to identify key evolutionary relationship between the fin and the arm. The researchers altered the genes of fish-zebras, which are responsible for the fins so that certain cells began to glow. Further, they found after observi...
Science has taken the first steps toward artificial uterus
The first 13 days after conception, still remain a mystery to science. Hormone levels are too low to register a positive result of a possible test, but scientists simply do not have any methods of analysis at this stage of fetal development. If scientists do not know and can not determine the moment of conception, then they are not able to observe the development of the embryo the first two weeks. Science, of course, researched the process of de...
How does a long trip in space on the brain activity of a person?
In the period of the future mission to Mars, astronauts will have to leave the protective magnetic field of the Earth. As such anti protective the procedure will affect their brain activity? When they go into deep Space high-energy cosmic rays would flash the case of the space suit and easily get to the organs of the body. It may cause irreparable harm to the health of astronauts who will go to conquer the Red planet. A new study on rodents has...
Doctors managed to return the sensitivity of the patient`s arm using a new type of prosthesis
10 years ago Nathan Copeland was in an accident, with the result that his motor functions were partially paralyzed. Now, thanks to a team of scientists from the University of Pittsburgh, Copeland, maybe the commands of the brain to control robotic arms and even feels the pressure from touching anything. Such a wonderful sensation gave him a new modification attached artificial hands instead of the lost. It"s a real achievement, this is a seriou...
Doctors believe that flying in space over large distances with the current level of technology is dangerous for health
American scientists at the deepest level examined the health status of the astronauts who flew to the moon in the mission Apollo, was analyzed the health status of the 24 astronauts that went into space. Scientists came to the conclusion that the chance of developing heart disease in them is several times higher than ordinary people living on Earth. Moreover, were conducted in the same comparison level body condition, with those who were in orbi...
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