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How does a long trip in space on the brain activity of a person?

How does a long trip in space on the brain activity of a person? In the period of the future mission to Mars, astronauts will have to leave the protective magnetic field of the Earth. As such anti protective the procedure will affect their brain activity? When they go into deep Space high-energy cosmic rays would flash the case of the space suit and easily get to the organs of the body. It may cause irreparable harm to the health of astronauts who will go to conquer the Red planet.
A new study on rodents has shown that once laboratory mice were exposed to a radiation, the same level of intensity as in Space, after six months, they have a brain injury and problems with orientation. Findings show that astronauts, probably after a long flight will suffer from memory problems, obsessive anxiety and sleep disorders, if of course long to be in space, like during a mission to Mars. Scientists do not tend to think that this problem has no solution. The solution is clearly there, he just needs to look good.
"This is not an insoluble problem","I don"t think at a journey to Mars and back, the astronauts will get something similar to Alzheimer"s disease. But the easy changes are possible, and this is serious, given the activity with which the astronauts have to work. says Charles Limoli neuroscientist at the University of California.
The basis of the new research formed the scientists " work, which a year earlier found a direct link with the degradation of the brain of mice and the degree of exposure of the test specimen.
Currently, the team discovers that rodents have difficulties with orientation, they are just as difficult, something to learn and remember, and these problems continue to manifest themselves only after a considerable period of time. Compared with the control group, the mice that were irradiated radiation, showed less interest for learning new toys, they can say even become less interested in every new cell, become more infantile. They become less flexible to changes in their environment, which in turn reduces the protective functions of the body.
The mouse also looked anxious and tried to hide somewhere in a dark corner, instead of running around in the fresh air. In humans, it can be expressed as high level of stress, anxiety and other adverse reactions in case of emergencies, says the team, in their scientific work, published in the October edition of Scientific Reports. Of course it is difficult to compare rodent with a man, but yet something common in the manifestations of pain will probably be the same, but with some amendments. In contrast to rodents, in humans these changes can take months, but that doesn"t make them any less dangerous. Still really pretty to see in the future on the spaceship the mad of Matt Damon, something similar like in Interstellar, so all surveys about the exposure and insights from tests on experimental mice are not so far from the truth.
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