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Want to be sound, so be him, in than question?
Health this that nor for what money do not bathe and pertain to its health it is necessary with the whole responsiblity. The Coasts health since the youth, so states the public wisdom. Else apropos, there is good proverb Late to drink if buds were ed . Here is I and has solved exactly since to health it is necessary to pertain respectfully yours to create in its blog section about health. The Human organism he either as any unit seasonly conks...
Cystic fibrosis (CF) as one of the most common genetic diseases.
3. Cystic fibrosis (CF) as one of the most common genetic diseases. (abstract) ...This is an inherited disease, it affects both children and adults. It occurs approximately in one of 3.300 births. The average lifespan for people with this disease is about 30 years. The researches conducted by Cystic Fibrosis Foundation show that there are:"about 30.000 Americans, 3.000 Canadians, and 20.000 Europeans, who have CF.1 out of 20 Americans is a...
Modern contraception
Modern contraception Postcoital contraception includes the methods used to prevent pregnancy taken after sexual intercourse. Theses are urgent measures which include combination oral contraceptives, high dose estrogens, danazol, and IUDs. The effectiveness of this method is very high but it causes serious hormonal changes and can not be used often. This method should be used during 72 hours after the unprotected sexual intercourse and suppor...
Engineers from IBM are trying to build artificial neuron
Scientists have created artificial neurons and stimulate them randomly, it works about as well as neural circuits in the human brain. Computers are often compared with artificial brain, now researchers from IBM give a new meaning to this comparison, they managed to create an artificial neuron. Research center technology giant Zurich has created 500 of these neurons for simulation of signal transmission that is similar to the one that is transmit...
What is that bronze tan? And how to buy it?
What we in the Crimea in Feodosiya get a tan from the Sun is from the right side, but in fact it is difficult to say that such a judgment is true, because if you rely on the calculations of scientists from England and the US, tan we get from the integrated radiation. This ultraviolet light from the Sun and intergalactic radiation, too. What tan was the most popular? River? No! Sea? Yes! But the sea still needs to be bronzed!...
Pages ( 1 * [2] * [3] * [4] )

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