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What to do if the mouth stinks?

What to do if the mouth stinks? Unpleasant smell from the mouth may be due to rotten teeth, then you need to treat. Or because of the violations in the digestive tract, then also need to be treated. Many have resorted to different kinds of zevachim menthol, like refreshing breath, but the stench from the oral cavity is not clear. Scientists from America tried a bunch of different stuff, fed her patients whose mouth stank and they measure the level of stink after taking regular pills. So, here, is the who were given the powder of nutmeg, stank less than those that were super popular chewing gum Dirol with a refreshing effect. What is most interesting patients who before experiments were eating smelly American Burger with garlic: the sauce, after taking the nutmeg extract was the level of stench from the oral cavity is much less than you could imagine. It turns out that you can eat everything and even garlic and onions, but before they kissed, only need half an hour to drink the powder of nutmeg and rinse with infusion of the same nut gums and mouth. American scientists guarantee that your breath will be high. Should probably add that chewing nutmeg you will not notice the burning sensation in your mouth like menthol, more pleasant and without irritation.
Scientists from America I was surprised at the effect of nutmeg and decided to disassemble it into molecules to see what kind of stuff is so cool, and freshens breath. The experiment lasted quite a long time, but finally identified the ingredient that is suppressed all the stink in the mouth after a meal in the eatery McDonald`s. Substance magic elixir consisted mainly of neolignans. Neolignans, as the menthol has a cooling effect, but it lasts three times longer than that of menthol. So that soon, probably Dirol will extract nutmeg to sell, and menthol will disappear as unnecessary. Doctors from the USA have tested the substance on experimental patients and came to the conclusion that it is necessary to poke where you can, bad this will be, but the stench will be less accurate. The substance of the extract of nutmeg has a higher molecular weight and longer it decomposes in the oral cavity, and it is from this then depends on time of cooling effect in the mouth. Scientists know little of drugs that affect the receptors of the nose and the mouth in this way as menthol. The analysis showed that the substance neolignans, 30 times cooler than menthol affects the receptors of the oral cavity. That`s all you need in order for you do not stink of the mouth is to take and chew a bit of nutmeg for a couple of minutes. Saliva spit, fresh effect usually after such a procedure is stable for up to 30 minutes. Good luck and don`t let the stench from the oral cavity.
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