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Technology Neuralink computer management thought

Technology Neuralink computer management thought In the United States a couple of years ago there was a company Neuralink to its Foundation had a hand known futurist Elon Musk. The company was created to develop a technology that could unite man and machine into a single working organism. The company appeared, but a couple of years about their developments silent, but sewed in a bag can not hide, especially if you really want to brag about their achievements. Recently Elon Musk told all the same about his achievements in the field of machine control. What is Neuralink and how does This technology work?
The technology was originally designed to make life easier for paralyzed people. So they can easily use electronic devices as part of a smart home. After a small operation in complexity, you can teach people to use a special interface that will take thoughts and decode them into a special set of commands. Initially this interface was already, but to implant it painless was extremely difficult and the company is improving the interface as well and engaged in the development of technology integration.
The entire plan has not been disclosed, but there is available a special thread thickness 4микронаю This thickness reduces the adverse sensations from the implant. The threads will be connected to special electrodes that will be implanted in the brain. The system itself as a result will track the reading of the brain, transmit information on these threads through the skull and then on the data bus.
The electrode is also not very thick, its diameter is only half a human hair. In order to implant these sensors and they attach such that thin wires-threads the company has developed a robot surgeon. He easily implanted in the brain six sensors with conductors in a minute. The whole system eventually has 192 electrodes in different parts of the brain. During the operation, the robot sees and controls everything and it helps him to maneuver between large blood vessels without causing much harm. While the technology is still not very simple, you need to start drilling holes in the skull and do it under anesthesia. In the future, the developers of Neuralink technology intend to use a laser and do everything faster and without anesthesia.
So far everything is very nicely told, but the trouble is that the most advanced neurocomputer interfaces have very low bandwidth. It`s just a wired connection with USB port-P In the future, the brain will be implanted transmitter and the system will work via the wireless interface. To all quickly worked developed a special chip (N1). It will read the signal from the electrodes, then the signal will increase in amplitude and transmit wirelessly. For optimal operation of the system will need to put at least 4 sensors of this level. One sensor will stand in the area of the brain that is responsible for external stimuli. Others in other parts of the brain, all of them will transmit data to a receiver that will be behind the ear and with which any electronic device will already communicate directly.
To configure the system according to the version of Neuralink will be using a normal smartphone, at this time a trial instance is already being tested on mice. Scientists from many us universities are involved in the Neuralink project. Already 19 successful operations on implantation of a chip in a brain of mice are carried out. While 87% of one hundred percent are successful, the robot does not give 100% guarantee of implantation of the interface.
Elon Musk was happy for the achievements of Neuralink and added that the new interface is 10 times faster than all previously created similar analogies. And if you believe the Mask, then having such chips and the Internet, people will be able to communicate telepathically with each other at almost any distance. If of course for Internet will pay on time.
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