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Why mutate people?

Why mutate people? If you sit up at a monitor for 12 hours, this behavior may be the reason that in the future there will be entire generations of people with problems in the organs of vision. You can certainly change everything, but do we have the right and access to every person on Earth to control it and tell it what to do and how to do it right. At this stage of evolution meet ethics and aesthetics. Problems as the investigation of the roof!
Whether there is aesthetics in this kind of experiments, called the human genome, can choose the man or is it the lack of personal choice in such manipulations.
It is no accident that abortion at a certain stage is forbidden, or the women in position more closely watching any interference in the embryo during the embryonic phase of development is observed very strictly. Everything seems right, but at the legislative level, the embryo is still less protected than a child under the age of 21 years who was born and lives outside the womb. If genetics change the seed, they actually change and sprout and all that it grows. In fact, scientists intervene in the human body in the future and the present. If for example scientists correct gene and remove what is the gene and man no longer has a hereditary disease and is not a successor of this disease, then it is like from an aesthetic point of view well. The desire to change, a good desire, but the distance between health and aesthetics is so thin that it is sometimes not even there. How to argue for example in a situation if a child is to fix the eye or him to do blue eye color. What is true in the first case, the person really helped and he sees well, and in the second case did? For what? So that issue is very slippery and confusing. Many philosophers in this area broke their tongues trying to prove something. Fiction on a turnover pour more and poured water in arguments constantly taking all of the essence of the problem. If you try to start a dialogue on this topic with Church activists, there is still more radical citizens in respect of the same GMO products, and to the fruits of genetic engineering in General.
I am sure, however, that a lot of countries in the world are ready to condemn those who conduct genetic manipulation at the embryonic stage, the international community and an ethical and aesthetic point of view, not willingly gives green light to genetic manipulation over a person in the womb.
Although the people from birth to the grave all cheat that gave them birth God himself was exaggerated, but where the truth is. Men shave, women pluck eyebrows, etc why do I need it? Not easier on a genetic level to make it so that the hair would not grow and everything that hinders so for example to do? Why shaving the face is different from gene manipulation, because here and there a man deprived of something? All about choice, you either choose the path and go under the knife to the surgeon, or drink pills and jump from the chair up until the dried up body will not fall off by itself.
For example, many girls born with normal Breasts want to increase it, if it is to solve the age, no matter how seditious what not, but if it is done on the embryo, it would be unethical interference with the freedom and right to choose. Like all strange, we do not discuss for example the nature, because she gave us a small chest and short penis, we accept all as heredity, and the usual course of events. But if the family inheritance, then it is possible to act differently. For example, you can make it so that all future generations of men will have gender far more impressive size than their grandfathers and great grandfathers and that`s all that needs to be done on the embryonic level, some correction of the human genome. If such a person in the future do not talk about such manipulations, he will be very happy and will praise your heredity. Here we come to the aesthetics and ethics of the procedure, you possibly can intervene in the genome on the uterine level, but it should be done only if doctors are sure they are right at 100% or there is a request from parents of the child. Although debate on the subject still did not subside, all consider themselves to be right and have all good arguments.

Jennifer Doudna (UC Berkeley / HHMI): Genome Engineering with CRISPR-Cas9

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