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Genetic engineering for or against?

Genetic engineering  for or against? Science in recent years, I think is developing very rapidly, and genetic engineering, as it is the branch generally develops by leaps and bounds. I`m not going to tell you this time about GMO and genetically modified plants, as it is another topic, and about this trend in genetic engineering we you recall.
Now no one does not surprise, for example tomatoes with a flounder gene, but the genetics that have already got into the human genome it is as if the Holy theme. A technique called CRISPR/Cas9 has already made a noise in the network quite a lot, many research teams use this technology for the removal and deactivation of genes removed or cropped genes responsible for hereditary diseases. Experiments are conducted quite successfully, although at the level of the single-piece variant of a laboratory level. The potential of such surveys is known that the output will get to say goodbye no one can.
Recently, Chinese scientists conducted the first manipulation of genetic mutation, in order to destroy a potentially fatal arterial disease. In Britain, too, wanted to conduct a similar experiment but did not receive approval from regulatory authorities, experiments on embryos still do not allow it. Obtaining such permission is a problem, it is more serious than the breeding of genetically resistant to the cold tomatoes and apples, that even bugs don`t want to eat and that do not rot for months. On the one hand is an evolutionary process and things change, and on the other hand, the biologist is embedded in this process and everything is either accelerating, or sent in a different direction. What it all will lead is hard to say that that is the problem of the conflict of evolution and biology. There is the ethical aspect of the problem, but it is to be mentioned here, it is clearly not in first place. It is important for scientists to find an evolutionary mechanism that literally has stood the test of time, just to study it, to understand its principle of operation and that does not change in this regard.
On the one hand, genetic changes require many generations to get a result cutting out unwanted material, or turning on and off certain genes in all this is a long process and the result obtained here and now. On the other hand all these manipulations will affect the next generation, manipulation could seriously affect the operation of the human body, and genetics in General, and what is most interesting is the fact that the error made when we learn a couple of three generations in the future. To determine exactly what this manipulation will affect or not affect the future generation we need more modern machinery and techniques. So far, only scientists can manipulate the genome, but do not know what this game will bring in the future. Many scientists wonder whether it is necessary to take risks without knowing the consequences?
What happens if some genetic manipulation will lead to irreversible changes in the human genome for example in the future you suddenly become a born people without the ability to continue the race.
Not particularly good script, but sometimes you need an example to put emphasis on the problem.
At the other extreme we can put that in the modern world, our genes are changing rapidly and the evolution is constantly escalating. The reason for this behavior is a more dynamic environment in the air a lot of chemical and other agents that actively influence the genes, and forced to a particular way of life. For example, scientists in the West have found that changes of the fingers, the last two generations is caused mainly from tablets and smartphones. I think that even without genetic engineering, nature and environment we so famously changes that only manage to control and track changes, not simply whether the genetics to put on the service, and to take matters into their own hands on practice. Genetic engineering follows these principles to follow, but selectively and with more control.

Genome Editing with CRISPR-Cas9

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